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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't Forget To Relax

OK so with the holidays coming I am pulling out decorations, planning events the nearest is thanksgiving. Just for that I have to make sure all the family has their ducks in a row so no panties end up in wads up butts causing issues at our feast. There are little extra projects like going over the good china, planning a menu.
Not sure about you but I like to try and mix things up a little each year. There is a little uptake in calls for orders from my shops. My roots are clearly trying to shame me into coloring my hair as I swear I saw a gray up there. You get the idea we all start picking up speed about this time of year.
OK that is great and dandy but well I hope we can all take the time to relax at least once a week. By doing so we stay healthier, enjoy the events we toil over more and just have some fun.
So here are a few things I am going to do this week just for myself I would love to know about you.
1. I am gonna have a girls day with my sis where we watch "home for the Holidays" the holly hunter one because it is to funny. This is our kick off to the season.
2. spend one 2-3hr time span getting drunk on hot chocolate and schnapps listening to Christmas carols early and wrapping up presents I already have so they don't loom. Avoiding the 3 a.m. Christmas eve wrap athon. I love wrapping when I have the time to make it pretty and not rush.
3. rake leaves then toss myself in at least once and pray no giant spiders get on me. lol yes I know I am a giant girl.
4. Just give myself time for reading, or writing a little, or maybe even just a nap.
So now my question what can you do to relax over the next week or two. Oh I hope the cats above inspire you to relax they clearly got the know how :)
have a great day all

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  1. Cappy Sue--
    The pics of the cats brought me in and yes we do have to relax. Thanks for the reminder!