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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday and Happy Thanksgiving

Howdy all and Happy Thanksgiving. This is my first crack at a Christmas tree ornament. Obviously this wont be up in the shop but hey I like to share the humor. So I truly hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy yourselves no matter what your plan tomorrow.
So here is the gratitude list.
1. I am grateful for the bird in there all ready for tomorrow. I am so excited to have a low pressure holiday.
2. For the chance of flurries snow makes every thing pretty and more romantic to me. I will be so happy for even flurries.
3. For the really great trades I have made recently I got some more soap from the famous and loved all I can say is the poison apple is to die for. Also I find her soaps leave my skin so soft I don't always require lotion. And nope she did not in any way ask for a plug I just wanted to share a great shop.
4. For my wonderful family the human and furry that I get to soak up the day with tomorrow.
5. For all my friends here, all over the world, local and online. I hope no you all have a wonderful day.
See ya all Friday

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