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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday

Hello all as you know each week I like to try and reflect on good things that have gone on from week to week. I love doing it particularly on Wednesday because well mid week can be pretty hum drum so it perks ya up.

So here are my 5 things

1. I am very grateful for the cold weather. I love all the sweaters, blankets, hot cider all that kind of stuff. I think that is what makes fall so romantic.

2. I am grateful for the Halloween party where all the kids were there playing and having fun. Truly those times with family are so important.

3. For waking up with my kitty slapping me to come play. He cracks me up. Also how sweet is he.

4. I am grateful for the dear friend who came by to see me this week. We danced till we could dance no more and laughed till my ribs hurt.

5. For bad movies maybe its just me but how fun is it to mock them :)

Have a great day yall. I would love to know what has you grateful as well.

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