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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday

Hello all it has been a very busy time for me since the last Gratitude Wednesday. So much to be grateful for this week.

1st. is my sweet hubby he has been really getting into the fall spirit with me. Which is hard for him as he is more into the spirit of video games, computers that kind of thing.

2ND. Is For regretsy my image as creepy as it may be is all over facebook, twitter etc and that is just wonderful and bringing lots of new traffic in my art shop. I know that they roast ya but to be honest the comments were a riot and I love to laugh so it was a win win for me.

3rd. I am so excited about the online craft fair starting on the 15Th it will be my first one. and with all these little things coming up I am starting to feel like my little shop maybe getting a little attention.

4Th. For the lovely person who included my painting another one in their squidoo page. While I love regretsy it was nice to have some one want to feature one for being pretty :)

5Th. For My big fat kitty who is made his new trademark to jump on the bed and poke me in the eye. I guess I should take offense but some thing about it is to funny.

6Th. I got a very sweet secret Santa package in the mail with some really nifty stuff inside. I love surprises.
7Th. Was that awesome bracelet I told yall about from Vey Court Cottage
8Th. Oh and yesterday a new dining room set fell into my lap free and its lovely.
I feel so blessed like so much has recently been handed to me I definitely need to make a point to do some giving back asap.

Have a great day yall and please let me know what your grateful for.


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