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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday

Well it is Wednesday and as yall know I love to reflect on the good thing in life from the past week. Actually there is always good stuff but I try to hit the highlights. Here are my highlights I would love to know yours.
1. I am so excited that the holiday music seems to be perking me up and sending me into creative over drive. while yes another horrible ornament has been made this one up top is pretty cute at least I am happy with it :)
2. Decorated some for the holidays with the husband. Not sure why but he is is a very cheerful holiday mood. I mean the man actually has ideas of assisting in the dinner for thanksgiving.
3. Did a artwork trade that was really fun to make. Not always inspired by the custom artwork ideas but this was a blast.
4. Was featured on a really cool blog that I follow she put up my little story and a work that went with it.
which just made the week.
5. Got some new perfume in a trade that I love.
6. Spent the best rainy day locked in with the hubs :)
have a great day yall I would love to know what your grateful for this week.

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