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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tips For a Easy Thanksgiving

OK well I have some tips to make you Thanksgiving easier than ever and I hope you enjoy them.
1. My biggest tip is do not spiff up your home what so ever for the dinner. The dust bunnies give people a conversation starter.
2. Dress either yourself, child or significant other completely inappropriately. The guest shock at your hot pants and big fake tattoo will divert attention from any hot button topics in the group such as religion or politics.
3. When people ask oh can I bring some thing have each of them bring a food. This way if they don't like what you make they wont starve and be bitchy.
4. Make every one go around the table and say what they are grateful for it is harder to say some thing mean directly after saying some thing nice.
5. spike every thing you possibly can coffee, wine, pie, what ever a drunk family is one that goes to sleep and leaves you alone.
6. I like to hide some thing like a random hamburger in the turkey. This way when you get the person that says oh I don't really like turkey you can say here ya go and slap down a patty.
7. Only have one dessert and make it your favorite. This is very important as the less options they have the faster they will finish.
hehe I hope you all had a good laugh and know this was all meant in jest. Well every thing but the spiking lol.
Have a great day