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Sunday, November 1, 2009

What The Hell Is That and Monthly update

Hello all this month we will be donating almost $20.00 to be exact $19.20 dollars to a animal rescue. This month I am going to give it to the Alton 5As. I will be taking it there tomorrow along with some free samples of cat food my kitties just don't need. So thank you to all of you who made that possible.
Now on to the horrible ornament above. Well what can I say it started out a gingham Christmas tree. When that did not pan out I tried my hand at fabric paint to make a dolls face. In stead it looks more like a creepy checkered blob. I like to try to finish items even if they are not going well so that I learn from them how to best save the situation. This thing is just god awful ugly and I thought why not share a laugh with every one.
My hubby saw it he is my barometer often of if things are as ugly as I think. I casually sat it with the fall pillows on a old wood chest. He sat down to watch TV and his eyes fixed on it. He said to me. What is that horrible thing that looks like it is saying "Oh shit some one is at the door!" then there was a creative comment I cant remember about how its eyes followed you. So enjoy and laugh away all.
Oh if any one is interested I made a large clearance section in my shop many paintings half off and more.
Have a great day all.

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  1. I think it is adorable- love anything red check!
    Come on by, havent seen you in a while!