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Monday, November 30, 2009

Wreaths and Hot Chocolate

Hello all we had a great thanksgiving hope yours was great as well. So This year I went right out and got the tree. We tried earlier to get one but our favorite lot was not open yet so we waited. Then being the frugal crafty mad woman I am I took the bottom branches when we evened out the tree and made these two wreaths. One is for my sis and she has a mini tree.
So any how I sat out on the cold front porch with holiday music, hot chocolate and realized I was having a ball.
My thought is don't forget there are so many inexpensive ways to enjoy your holiday. So every few days I am gonna try and do some thing festive yet economical.
Today I am wrapping with non traditional paper and seeing how that goes. I will use all kinds of stuff. I love making up goofy things so why not.
So what ideas do you have ?

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  1. This year instead of buying jewelry gift boxes, I learned on the web how to make them and am recycling Christmas cards in the process. Christmas is so fun!