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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cameras Are How I See My World

So I am using a image of a camera from my vintage shop. But the whole point of this little post is to say I think it is awesome how we all see the world a little different. For me I am always following the way light and shadow lay on things. I love if a color is almost over vibrant and have to stand and watch it.
If I can see a group of people caught up in what they are doing I am drawn in taking mental snippets in my mind for later art work.
One of my favorite things is to catch in some way some thing invisible to the naked eye. Like the wind moving leaves, some thing so aged the history of it is clearly there while not visible.
So my question is how do you see the world?

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  1. Wow... I know this isnt really what your post is about-but what a COOL CAMERA!