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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Do You See What I See

I Just love this photo and wanted to share it. She cracks me up because this is her face all the time. She is the smallest kitty and runs the big boys all over. Yep she has first claim on the milk ring when playing.
Any how it is a little snowy here and I am so excited that we are most likely getting snow for Christmas.
So I wanted to come on and share one my favorite Christmas memories.
This was a year or so after the great flood of 1993. We had moved into a new home. It is a huge ranch style and my mother loved it. So with our giant high ceilings and her general love of all things celebratory she told me she wanted us to go get a really big tree.
So off we went to buy one from a local church that uses the money to fund charitable programs they do threw the year.
We bring home this giant tree and my mom about 50 was very sweet and helped me get it in the stand all that stuff.
We put on Christmas music and my sister is getting out ornaments all is well. As we get to the end of the decorating my mom who is a good 4 inches taller than me at the time happily smiles and says she will put on the Christmas tree topper.
So she reaches up a couple of times and tries but with the broadness of the tree it just is not happening. Then I guess after seeing to many cartoons and thinking it would just flip back up she grabs the tree a few feet from the top and just bends it over. Pops on the topper and lets it go. So the topper is now pointed almost straight out from the tree.
Bless her heart my mom turns red embraced and tries to just act like it is not happening. Me being the evil little soul that I am cannot leave the tree mutilation alone. I look at it and her trying to look off and start belting out "Do you see what I see. A tree a tree bent by a lunatic" At which point my mother starts laughing so hard she starts choking.
She had to sit down and use her asthma medication.
Afterwords she was wiping her tears of laughter and trying to explain that she thought it would just pop back up.
I suggested she not get her beliefs from cartoons.
So now even though she has been gone for a long time now ever time I hear that Christmas song "Joy To The World" I bust up laughing thinking of our mangled tree.
So what are some of your favorite Christmas memories.


  1. Poor kitty :p (I dressed mine for Halloween ;)

    We've had the same fake tree since I can remember. Our tree used to look SO big when I was little. We've also had the same angel tree topper , it never stays on the tree. She falls off with the slightest touch or even just for fun.

    But like the angel all of our ornaments have a silly family meaning behind them and we will never get rid of them!

  2. My Daddy would always go out and buy the Christmas tree, just about a week before Christmas as my Moma didn't like to have the tree up toooo long. Daddy would come home with a Charlie Brown Tree for a good price as he and Moma were Depression Era children.

    Both are gone now but I still love them dearly for the things that they taught me which I teach/taught my son and he shares at college.