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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Featured Artist Marinebiochic

OK So you all know I love to bring you great shops. This one is fabulous. She makes Crochet items and her husband makes lovely jewelry. So here is the story of why I brought you this wonder crafty ladies shop.
I need a gift for my tween niece. She hates every thing little girl being 13 going on 40. Her current obsession is twilight. Well when I saw Marinebiochics gloves I thought hmm lovely colors I can get the all sacred black which my niece loves being a goth and all hehe.
So I contacted Marinebiochic and got a fast transaction going.
The communication was great. Very quickly the item shows up at the door. I loved them so much it was all I could do to resist being the victim of unbridled greed and keeping them for myself.
When My niece showed up and I gave her the gloves she flipped for them. Apparently they reminded her of some a girl in twilight wore. So then she comes home from school and calls me to inform me that they were very popular and thank me again.
So immediately I thought hmm why not share this fabulous shop for all of you out there. The items are great for any one.
Best of all she works with animals in her day job hence the Marine Bio part. Oh and she is part of the Tradeaholics team. Her shop and warm personality along with the wonderful items she and her hubby make made it mandatory that I show you this shop.
So here is a link for her the shop so you can see for yourself


  1. Thank you for the awesome feature Cappy!!! And so glad that your niece loved the gloves!

  2. Nice feature! I love Marine's shop!!

  3. very nice, Marine and her shop are great

  4. congemulations on a wonderful write-up marine!

    siempre- dorana