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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Featured Etsy Shop is Dreamboats

So as you all know I love to share great shops. This is one I have really wanted to shed some light on for some time. Dreamboats has a shop with nightlights that are just stunning. His lights are not some thing just for children's rooms. They could be great anywhere and set a really lovely mood.

Dreamboats makes nightlights of boats which is fitting seeing as how he lives on a boat in Ireland. Clearly his fascination with the water has shown up in many parts of his life. The time and love he puts into creating each item is obvious. Having met in the etsy chat rooms and become fast friends I can tell you he truly worries that every item is perfect.

Another interesting thing about Dreamboats shop is he sells is items in a very creative way. In this day and age hearing of any kind of honor system is almost nonexistent. He puts up many of his pieces for a minimal fee then says pay me what you think they are worth. His faith in the good of people and his skills at creating truly beautiful nightlights make him one of my favorite shops.

I also love that his nightlights are plenty masculine and have fans such as my husband. It is really a treat to find some thing on etsy that is so guy friendly this time of the year. So if the pictures above intrigue you here is a link to his shop . Also don't be shy just write him if you have questions. I assure you he is very friendly :)

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