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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Featured Etsy Shop StitchesOfThePast And the Youngest

Hello all as you know I love to feature Etsy shops that have a real style and class. This shop has just such a atmosphere. It is run by a young lady known as Stitches to her friends. She is in her teens and her parents keep her a shop on Etsy. Her love of sewing shows as all her work looks impeccable. I myself have designs on getting one of those bonnets for the next spring gardening.
To be honest it was not till a few months ago that I found out she was a teen. While other teens can easily be found because of their behavior this young lady carries herself in such a way I had no idea until I read her profile.
Her Period style items are just amazing I am 31 and can barely sew her items look like she has done it for 100 years. I think she is just a prime example of dignity and I would be so proud if my child turned out like her so I wanted to share her shop with you.
I hope you check her out I featured some of my favorite items above but do look she clearly can make many styles and puts lots of love in what she does. So any how her is her shop
Have a great day all

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