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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gratitude Wdenesday

Hi all I wanted to do my Wednesday Gratitude list and see what you all have cooking.

1. I am spending the 3rd day in a row doing projects with my hubby and so far neither of us has threatened murder on the other hehe.
2. I just got featured on a awesome blog how cool is that.
3. For the wonderful time I have had making new things recently I have just had a ball.
4. For my sister bringing over some awesome fudge yesterday.
5. For all the great shops and customers I have recently got to work with.
6. For Christmas music I am still loving it way to much hehe.
Take care yall and let me know what your grateful for this week. Oh I hope you all like the picture of the stuffed animals and my kitty. My mother gave me those so I sewed them little out fits from her clothes mostly and put them out at the holidays. Except Alf that is my cats uhm romantic partner.
thanks all

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