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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday and 1926

OK so I have had a really great week. Christmas was awesome and New years is looking good. This is my favorite time to make big changes and I am one of those people who find resolutions helpful.
But I do have one really cool thing I want to share. I opened a vintage shop a while back and let go of some of my collection of all things lovely and old there. Well going over some older papers I had collected I found this. I bought it for $1.00 when I was about 20.
That was 11 year ago sigh hehe.
It is a Christmas news letter of sorts from a import company. Now here is the kicker the whole thing is a journal including photographs of a woman who went on a 5 month world trip on one of the import company ships.
So I started reading it and thought about women and how much we have accomplished and still have yet to go and have decided to share it all here.
So I am sharing the cover today and in a few days I will share a few paragraphs at a time and the images inside. The whole thing is so old it is starting to crumble and I just feel I need to save what I can of it.
The whole idea of a globe trotting ship trip and a woman in that era setting of on such a adventure has me enthused as can be to read it. I hope you all want to share in it to.
Now as for the gratitude list.
1. For finding this paper always nice to be reminded any one can do any thing or damn near if we really try.
2. For the pretty snow that is falling. I love just staring at it. I think it may be magic and have me under a spell.
3. For my poor hubby who is currently sick as a dog. I had to tell the man he was not wrong for missing a day of work. How effective can one be when shaking cold, head pounding and vomiting.
4. For my new house shoes they are ruby colored and furry. I giggle every time I see them.
5. For my sweet kitties who are driving me batty at the moment.
Have a good one yall.

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