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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday And Monsters

So this week there is so much I am grateful for that I am very excited to share . I hope reading this makes you feel gratitude for the great things in your life and you note them some where yourself. Feel free to post some here I love to read them.
So this week I am grateful for my lovely new camera which helped me take a picture of my first monster I created. I have been wanting to for some time. This is Foaming Frank and I think he may be put on the Christmas tree to annoy my husband.
I am also very grateful for my father. Many years we were at odds but then some days he calls me up with the best jokes and we really get along well. The older he gets the happier I am we have found some middle ground. Oddly he has become one of my biggest supporters for my arts and crafts.
I am grateful for the warm house on a cold cold windy day the windchill is in the single digits and it is so nice to be bundled up in doors.
I am grateful for my friends especially those who invite me to crazy themed Christmas parties and make me laugh all night.
I am grateful for Christmas carols and Christmas lights my favorite holiday season pass time is to combine the two.
Have a great day yall and let me know what you are grateful for.

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  1. Foaming Frank ~ Sue..that is awesome! I love it! I'm always thankful for the hard lessons in life to provide me with much needed perspective. Cheers ~ Jenni DutchTouchBeads