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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday and Monthly Update

Howdy all before I start the whole gratitude part of my post I wanted to say we will be donating about $21.00 to a shelter this month. I have to do the exacts so it could be a dollar less or more. But thank you for making that possible. It might not be tons but I figure every little bit helps.
Now on to the gratitude part.
1. I am very grateful for being a part of the craft show it was fun and I met some very nice friends.
2. The possible light snow tonight. Yes it makes the roads a mess and slows every one down. While of course I wish to see no one hurt I love the slowing down and the insta pretty it adds to every thing.
3. For my Christmas tree it is a real one from the lot we love to hit a family owned one. I love all the sentiment with each ornament like the ones we made when we first got married and were poor as church mice. Then the fun ones like the "Oh shit some one is at the door" doll which I just had to put on there.
4. My awesome husband seeing that yet again I was dreaming and poked him in the eye so hard it was red and icky yesterday and he still is always sweet about it. I think I would lose my patience dealing with a sleepwalker/poker hehe.
5. For the person who made up the Regretsy elves that has made me laugh so hard several times now. To me any thing that can make you laugh is good.
So there is some other stuff but I will spare ya and save it for the journal hehe.
Have a great day all.

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