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Friday, December 11, 2009

Holy Crap It Is Cold

Hello all sadly I am up way to early again. Which usually leads to me talking of all kinds of crazy stuff. Last time was the mass bird migration that took place. Well no fear no birds today just a little art project I thought I would share along with some holiday ideas.

So I found this large steel decorative bowl at the thrift shop it was scratched up pretty bad. So I painted it white then did a very primitive holly in the middle. I love it. Works great for keys at a party. Also great for putting out holiday nuts etc. Just a cheap easy idea of a one of a kind decoration. Took me about a hour total except the dry time. Oh I did glaze it to keep the paint from chipping. I gave mine a very rough look because I like that but you could make it as modern as you like.

So here are a couple of other fun season pass times ideas. Get a photo album then get copies of a few of your favorite holiday images and make one master book. On with every one at some very happy moment. My nieces and nephews love the one I have because they remember those moments.

The second idea if you have pets acquire a Santa hat, antlers, what ever then start clicking they may not appreciate it but hey do you really appreciate those ornaments being stripped from your tree.

Have a great day yall.


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  1. It's super chilly here in the Pacific NW...stay warm!!