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Saturday, December 12, 2009

So Am I Crazy?

Howdy all. As you all know my blog is usually comical and light hearted. Well today I wish to discuss a topic that effects us all frozen pizza. OK so you know this is still gonna be comical right.
So here is the story. Last night pretty late me and the hubs settle on have a snack. We make a Tony's Pizza. It is supposed to be a supreme. OK sounds good. Well when I open it to put it in the stove I noticed for about the 3rd time running I have spotted that I got 4 freaking pepperoni on my pizza.
I find that some how disturbing as we usually cut a pizza into 6 slices so clearly it will be short some where. So I think look down at the box and to my surprise they show 6 or 7 pepperoni we are still debating that on the pizza.
My thought is what the hell why show it with 7 pepperoni if your going to short change us. Really I mean a supreme pizza has 4 lousy pepperoni. Maybe you could stop having sales and shell out for the extra two pepperoni.
So having desire to share this feeling with Tony's I call them. It was 12 a.m. my time when I called. According to the automated system all the pizza reps were currently busy with other customers.
This led me to one of 3 conclusions and I would love to know which you think it is.
1. The only customer rep they have is a former circus clown with a drinking problem who cannot handle the phone.
2. Way more people then I suspect ever would are calling in at 12 a.m. to bitch about their pizza.
3. My personal favorite. They just don't give a crap and don't even have any customer service agents.
I may call back tonight to see how long I wait to talk to a person. After a couple minutes of waiting last night my anger fizzled and I thought it would be more fun to share it with you.
So I hope you have had a good laugh.
Tony's I issue a challenge to you. Stop screwing us over on the pepperoni.
thanks all


  1. LOL we buy this kind of pizza too. it's a good deal, but we have discussed the lack of pepperoni's on supremes and their 3 meat pizza as well.