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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Insurance companies latest scam

well I turned on the TV this morning to discover why I don't watch fox news. I guess it is the weekend so they don't even try and give the pretence of real neutrality. They had on a guy talking sponsored by insurance companies about their latest assault upon our health care. Now the insurance companies are going to where you have a general practitioner and then if you are admitted to the hospital you only have a "hospitalist". This would be a Doctor with no office who only has patients that are in the hospital. They figure that they save 1700 on average per patient this way. Now of course the crack news teams only comment was we are sure people worry because they don't know the doctor. Then he responded with how this is equalized by the fact that the doctor spends the whole work day there and can see you more often. And of course I am paraphrasing here. Now what amazed me was not one word was said about the fact we already pay a mint to get insurance and this was not a option but a new forced rule. The other thing is when you pick a general practitioner you can choose whom ever you want. You can look for experience obviously see if they have been sued or lost their medical license at some point what ever you want. With this your still paying for that but you are left to maybe get some great doctor that has 15yrs experience and is awesome or get some completely incompetent jackass you would not let work on your dog at the vet. Why do people not just start having protest outside the insurance companies buildings.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Crazy Dreams

Well Last night I dreamt of being in a under water house when it started flooding. There was a killer whom me and another man killed . In the shuffle my friend the good guy was killed and to my surprise I could breath underwater. What was really freaky was when he proceeded to cut off his head and place it one the body of the killer. we then made it to shore where the whole thing went animated like a cartoon and he became a wood sprite. I woke up watching him dance and yes literally dance off into the forest with his friends. What the hell is that runs threw my mind but at the same time I have the urge to paint him changing the body to the other head in that under water house. Hmm maybe I should try warm milk at night.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars

I watched frankly because I wont pay for cable or satellite because I just cant justify wasting money on it to myself and was actually entertained. Hugh Jackman surprised me I never really liked or disliked him only new him from a couple of movies where he played more serious characters. Well he cracked my ass up at the beginning with his first dance number ending in "I am Wolverine" . Who knew he was that comical. In any case thanks Oscars your pretty get ups have inspired me to paint today.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The News Today

Ok four things infuriated me today and I am amazed at peoples urge to get along and ignore outlandish bullshit. First they show that picture of Rihanna after being beat the crap out of. First of just because it was leaked is no reason that every station in the world has to put the picture out there what a invasion of privacy. My second huge bitch is when they ask any of the celebrities on the street what do you think of the situation no one wants to comment. When the hell did it become inappropriate to out right call a man a trash for beating up his girlfriend and call his ass out on it. I mean are we really that much of a politically correct society that now we cant speak out against shocking disgusting behavior. Any way that is my two cents about that.
My third shock was when a puppy mill was closed with 200 pets a tiger and a variety of other crazy animals. I cant believe there are jerks still getting breeder dogs and cats. What the hell do you only love people who can show their lineage back 10 generations. It is fucking sick that with so many animals out there in need of homes some ass hats are out there paying ungodly amounts of money for a animal that probably till a few days before you came was bred or kept in abject squaller. Then what was my final and fourth shock for the morning news before I turned it off to disgusted to watch more was that apparently people are very interested in the puppies because a bunch are purebred. Well to those of you who only want certain kinds and have no problem with breeding I defend your right to do so and hope you choke on a hair ball.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Crazy Dreams

Hello all and thanks to any one who takes the time to read this bit of madness. I am going to try and make my blog about my world so maybe it will some how translate into a explanation for the plethera of creepy as my sister calls it art.
Today as I sit more exhausted
than when I went to bed due to the constant dreams I am curious as to why I dream like this. For example last night I was moving to a small town in the midwest filled with only couple of all ages from all across the world. It sounded great till I realized they all loved the walmart and well I believe walmart is the devil. Any how we then all got rounded up and taken on buses to get out of the town. I directly went to work trying to get off the bus because my other half was not there and I suspected some kind of deviant activity. I got to him to find him trying to lead a group of small children into the woods to keep them safe from what ever was happening to those on the bus. we were hiking up in the woods when we heard crashing screaming metal like the buses were being torn apart. The buses were under seige from some kind of godzilla like animal and it looked as if it was on set up almost as a buffet for him. I woke up trying to hide the
childrens eyes.
Now see this is not useful it would be a interesting dream if it wasnt every freaking night. So today I shall work on a painting of the monster and the buses to try and remove it from my dream pattern. I would love to know what others dream.