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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Organization and odd connections

Well right now I am extremely focused on organizing all my little nic nacs and that type of thing. For some reason I just don't want any thing extra out I need to keep clean. I think it is streamlining for time to focus on my shops. I have opened a Artifre shop now and a Bonanzle shop to and next week is 1000 markets. my goal is to get all my home organization done this week then really dig into promoting and stocking my stores next week. I would love any must dos from your list to help me get this done.

Now the odd connection part was just some thing I noticed. In the last week I have had both my siblings and my father over at different times. Unbeknown est to them each when poking around my photography made a point of saying they would like a gift made of one photo. the photo was my favorite and they all pick it to. How odd is that. Makes me think a lot about nature verses nurture. here is the photo that went along with this story.