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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rained Out Today

This morning was so exciting I had all my stuff all spiffed and ready to go when we were rained out. The market may have went on but we did not as I forgot to get the canopy I wanted to use. So while it was a bit sad not to get to do this today I have been very excited about it. I am looking at the positive side in how I will now have a additional 2 weeks because next week I have some thing else I have to do on Saturday. So I can have maybe some more little extras ready to give out and a few works I would like to finish up ready to go. Also I did get to relax this morning and enjoy coffee watching the rain. So I am off to continue my hunt for the silver lining have a great day yall.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Gearing Up For Farmers Market

Well tomorrow is the handmade and farmers market combo. So after having a great day yesterday enjoying the giveaway, celebrating my birthday and having lots of fun it is back to work. I must admit I love this type of work. my display for tomorrow is getting a little freshening up. The image you see above is a sticker I am putting on my bags for customers to take as that image has become my logo of sorts.
Today having a list a mile long of little things I want to do to tweak my displays etc makes me realize how very rewarding it is to do some thing you love. Some how the tagging with prices, making sure you have change, ironing table cloths, doesn't seem so dull when it is to do some thing you love. Wish me luck and have a great day yall.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Giveaway Winner is Quelleheure4

Congratulations Quelleheure4 on winning. Thank you all for entering. There was such a good response to this giveaway that next month when I do one around the 15Th of June I may have a 2Nd and 3rd prize. I hope you all enjoy the photos of the names printed ready to be cut up and my husband who did the drawing because my niece has a cold. Please stay up to date with us so you can enter for next months giveaway.

Oh I wanted to say it is my birthday today I am 31. I picked today to draw because I thought what a fun way to celebrate. My birthday has been great and I will try to get pictures at the little party we are doing this evening :) Have a great day all and thanks for entering. Quelleheure4 I need to get your information on where to ship your print. My Business e-mail is if you could please send me your information. Thanks and I hope very much you like your print.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Days You Laugh

Yesterday was one of those days that just kind of goes by. Well this morning I realized today will not be one of those days. I am thrilled to wake up and find 4 new followers on the blog, bunches of my new items in my shop have been hearted so it feels like a great day.

Then I heard the strange rustling sound of some thing in the kitchen. This is what I found. After shooting coffee out of my nose I thought I would share with you all. Apparently today is the day to put yourself in weird plastic items. Have a great day and I hope you get the opportunity to laugh out your nose as well.

One Day left to Win Giveaway

Hello all this is the last day to enter for a chance to win this print from my Etsy shop. It is size 8x10 and looks wonderful in many settings. Here are the rules and they are easy.
1.follow the blog
2. Each time you leave a comment it counts as a entry to win the print.
3. It will be shipped to you any where in the united states
.4. Contest winner will be drawn on May 28th.
Thanks for entering :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two days left to win this print in giveaway

Hello all these are the last two days to enter for a chance to win this print from my Etsy shop. It is size 8x10 and looks wonderful in many settings.
Here are the rules and they are easy.
1.follow the blog
2. Each time you leave a comment it counts as a entry to win the print.
3. It will be shipped to you any where in the united states.
4. Contest winner will be drawn on May 28th.

Thanks for entering :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pictures That Makes Me Smile

These are photos from yesterdays
mentioned outing. I think they are just very pretty clouds and wanted to share them. Some how I never get tired of seeing clouds each being so different and invoking a different emotion I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed looking at them. Have a great Memorial Day. I won't be posting tomorrow because I want to spend some time thinking about memorial day and what it means but I promise more crazy rants on Tuesday.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A little Magic

This is just a image I made for a little girls birthday cards that I love. It seems to fit the bill for today's topic. Today is all about finding the magic in life.
Yesterday I took my sketch book my one just for me not for ideas for things for my shop down to the local historic district. I took up residence on a bench and put on head phones with goofy music. Soon I was doing quick sketches of the folks passing by, enjoying my chicory coffee I brought from home to be frugal and having a great time. I don't go any where with out my camera either and I really got a wonderful set of sky pictures and a picture of a awesome old couple having lunch.
They were so pleased some one saw them as photo worthy they want a copy of the picture. Which I will be sending them as thanks for letting me put it in my portfolio when I get them printed.
while I sketched I was watching another lady with her kid talking on her cell phone at a bistro table. It was so sad. She barely engaged her child he was about 5 and wanted so much to chat with her. She just complained about the wind never once looking up at the clouds that wind was helping along. Honestly she seemed like she could have been any where else and it would not of mattered.
Now there are plenty of times I get focused on what I am doing and don't notice what is going on around me. Also she did nothing wrong by doing just that. However I don't ever want to forget it is a conscious decision to either see the magic around you or be oblivious.
I hope you all have a great weekend and see some magic for yourselves.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Notes From The Past

Normally I would not include pictures of myself in my blog because I love the anonymity but this time I thought I would make a exception. This was my 4Th birthday party. looking at this I find it humorous that I still love the smurfs. In fact I play their theme music on my song list in my art studio aka the art cave.
But my reason for posting this is that my birthday is again approaching on me and I recently came across a old box of journals etc and inside were 2 notes I wrote myself one when I was 16 and one at 25 for when I was 30. Well I am 31 this year so I opened them up. It was hysterical on both fronts. Some was very naive of course but most honestly was good. I am delighted that the me I am now has met most about 80-90% of the criteria the me of those times had. That in fact I would not feel compelled to kick my own ass.
It did give me a great illumination of the things I do want to work on like more travel and always striving to be a better person. Usually I avoid the past because well as we all know it is the past and it is always easier to remember the bad then the good. Tonight I think I will do a little reminiscing with some old photo albums and then after I have done my best to hold on the good put them away for a while again. Have a great day all.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Weeks Featured Etsy Shop

I recently got this hat from a wonderful shop called Easy123 on Etsy. I wanted it to go with a outfit for a BBQ I was attending. It fit wonderful and I love it.
The color is even better in person. The quality was simply impeccable. It is a nice thick crochet yet still with the style let lots of air circulate so I was not overheating outdoors. To be honest I like it so much that I intend to use it as a regular when I do the farmers market over the summer so I don't turn to my natural state of pink and freckles.
Easy123 is a great shop. She has a variety of hats as well as other items to chose from. She was kind enough to send me a little extra in my package of a facial scrubby which has immediately become one 0f my favorites to. The nicest part is that she has great service I got wonderful communication and my item came just when promised.
She clearly has a big heart as this is one of the items in her shop I am eyeing currently I thought maybe you would like to see them to. Read the story it is well worth it.
So in closing I just wanted to continue highlighting stores I feel are great to deal with and would recommend. Here is a link to her whole store as well. Have a great day every one.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Heaven in my mind

Hello all I am working on gearing my displays up for the farmers market. I was playing in the yard with spray paints on my display stands and got some nifty pictures of the sky. I played with them on the computer and came up with this one. It sort of reminds me of one of those scenes where some one is going to heaven. I hope it makes you smile to :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Realized I could do more

Today I played with my friendly little stray kitty again. She is getting where she will let me touch her and pick her up a bit. She also brought me a mouse that she killed as her way of contributing to the family. She got me thinking when she did that about what more I can do to help. Yes my home is a zoo according to my nieces and nephews of unwanted animals. I also make donations periodically to shelters etc. So OK what more can I do well I am going to start donating 10% of all profits at my shop and any where I sell to various no kills and rescues. I will pick one each month that is close by so each month a different one can benefit from it. I am also going to make this print and sell it at the festivals etc that I do. All the profits from this particular print will go to the animal shelters.

This is not me bragging at all it is just my way of saying if you see a problem do what you can to help. I have read that many of the close by animals friends as I call them have websites with wish list of items. usually things like food, blankets, old working carriers. They also need folks to donate time. Their is a very nifty one near me that is just for orphaned kittens I may see if they could use me. The time part does not have to be just cleaning cages either. Many have adoption events at major animals stores and just need help getting the animals there and people to say there with them. So any how this is what I am going to do to help the problem. Have a great day everyone

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stray Kitty

This is a picture of kitties I made a series of photos about. I helped them find homes but being strays some just disappeared.
My reason for posting them is that while I had a great time doing a BBQ with my hubby helping another stray was how I spent most of the last two days.
The poor little thing looks to be under a year old and had clearly had or is going to have kittens. She came up starving begging for food. So far I have found a couple of groups that say they will help but getting a hold of them is the equivalent of trying to get into fort Knox. So I just wanted to say please any one out there get your pets spayed. Be obtrusive and push others to do the same. So many people abandoned these poor cats and dogs because they never thought they would lose there jobs etc. Then you are left not only with a homeless animal but often with one that starts breeding.
I know some folks will say hey it is our property and it is our business if we get them fixed. Yes that may be true according to the law. That however has no realistic value in general pet human relationship and is more for the purpose of farm animals. So any how we are not going to stop trying till we find her a home and I am feeding her trying to get her to be a little friendly but it is such a shame that there are so many out there. Just wanted to hit on this topic while it was in my mind.

The Giveaway ends May 28th

Hello all I am thrilled with the response of folks following and entering the contest. Just wanted to update and bring it back to the top of the list. Here are the rules.
1. follow the blog
2.each comment when following the blog counts as a entry to win this print
3. will only ship in the united states
4. Enter up to once a day by commenting if you like.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Comfort Zones

Well hello all I want to start with saying thank you to all the followers that have came on and good luck to every one with the giveaway. I want to say a special thank you to quelleheure4 because you are always kind and comment and it is very appreciated that you read the post.

Now enough of the gushy here is the thing on my mind today. I have been doing a lot of forum and friend critiques and looking at my sales every one and the signs point to folks want to see more and a wider array of photography from me.

Usually I love to take my photos from happenstance as they say now. Some situation where I wander across this moment that I feel compelled to capture or document for good or bad. So the ability to create more of them is not really there for me. So I started trying to think about posing shots. I have maybe 10 where I posed people, pets etc every thing else is chance.

This is where the comfort zone comes in. With painting I have a very set process with a big area I play with that is textures, papers, additives etc. So why not try posing things to create a photograph much like the layers of the painting. It took me hours of layering taking off and re layer but I think I have found some thing new I would never of tried if not pushed. So here is my little tidbit for the day. break out just a little at least past your comfort zone once in a while it can be really inspiring. I put up a couple of the photos I did to show you what I tried. Have a great day yall.
PS. And yes I did play with the colors greatly on my art program :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My First Featured Etsy Friend "JustBakin"

Recently in a attempt to cajole my sister into making her online shop debut I created her a Birthday gift basket with several handmade items. One was a delicious treat from JustBakin a online Etsy shop run by a wonderful lady.

She was very wonderful and answered my questions promptly. A special custom listing was made just for me no problem. As promised the treat showed up right when it was supposed to. She included a free Sample of brownies which literally made me ooh and ah the entire time I munched on it. The gift it's self was wrapped up so nice and cute you could simply hand it to some one with a card if you wanted to.

She has a busy shop but still took the time to send a nice thank you for your purchase card which even mentioned she hoped my sister enjoyed the treat.

I put a picture of the gift item up at the top of this. They were so good my father is all ready asking for some for fathers day.

My reason for starting to feature sellers on Etsy that I really enjoy my experience with is simply that many times you buy some thing and you get just all right service. I want to celebrate those folks who give superb service.

Oh and just for the record other than buying a gift from her I am in no way affiliated with this shop . Here is a link to her shop if you want to go look around her treat filled store.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Art Cleans My spirit

I finished one of these and did the other yesterday. It is cathartic to me to paint away the things we all have that weigh us down. The one with the blood some would see as very gory I see it as strength. To me it is all about being strong enough to do what you say and be who you want to be.

The second painting was more of a comical painting based on my love for civil disobedience from time to time. I was ready a story of a abused woman and it just came to me. These paintings may offend or may crack you up but if they touch you in some way and you feel or think about some thing you might not normally then they are doing their job.

Have a great day you all.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Skeletons and Strawberries

This is a weird day where I have a million things I want to do and seem to be getting them all done. Usually I am half way threw and confused as to what is left to do.

Today is all about following my instincts. I find that they are your best every thing. They will tell you when your in danger, often send you in the right direction and naturally gravitate you toward your joy.

So you may be asking what do strawberries and skeletons have to do with joy. Well here it is. They bring me joy. I love the smell, taste, look, texture and even the flowers of strawberries. The skeleton well I love them to. Some how throw a bow on it and they crack me up. I find them so cute. That one is for my niece she is taking swimming lessons and at 11 has decided she is goth and wanted a bag for her swimsuit that would match her new style. I thought this was a happy medium.

My point is just that spending maybe a hour working on those two things doing what I love and was naturally pulled towards has made the more mundane the dishes, dinner, vacuum, dog washing etc seem far less of a pain. Because I know that when I burn threw those things it is back to the strawberries and skeletons I go.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Silver Lining continues

This picture is from a series I did during a wicked storm last year. It just got really dark and windy fast and like a complete lunatic I thought hey get out there with the camera. Well After yesterday just focusing on trying to be positive I got a lovely surprise. A lady who saw my work at a craft show last year wants to put the whole series that this picture comes from up in her boutique. We are going to hammer out the details this week. I am thinking of putting them in my Etsy shop to but was just so flattered and excited to get the call.
So I thought what more fun way to show the silver lining then with some foreboding clouds. Today I am doing a photo session for some children as a family portrait. If I can get permission I will try and show it tomorrow. Have a great Sunday every one.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Laughing is good for the soul

Well last night I had a ball. My sister had her birthday and we had a really fun party. I laughed so hard my ribs hurt today.
Yesterday was not a great day when it started out. One package I sent to a customer did not arrive yet and there is a concern that it may be lost by the USPS which means I will be doing a custom work over for free because I want a happy customer. While she is being great about it that still is rough because it is a bit time consuming.
Then I had to do a business thing with another shop that I was not happy about. I will not go into the details because it is business but it was unpleasant. This was really hard for me because I hate to force situations in business.
Any how when it came time for my sisters party I forced on a smile at first because while I was so happy because she had some health issues and is now doing great so I really think of how much I appreciate her on her birthday I felt sad at my business day. Well we got laughing and maybe 15 minutes into the party I forgot all about that stuff till today.
Now redoing the custom does not sound so bad because I know I will have a great customer who will tell people how I replaced some thing she says the post office lost on her. And I feel OK about the business thing because I was honest and really I feel no guilt just sad about it because I had to do the right thing. So the little moral of my story today is some times you just gotta laugh and eventually you will feel better. Or as the song goes "You'll find the clouds roll by if you just smile". I hope the little gnomes make you smile and laugh and forget your troubles to because often after a good laugh they just are not as bad as you thought.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Big storm hit last night and it makes me grateful

I was going to blog about my most recent project and show a picture of it in progress but after last night I feel to lucky not to focus on the bigger picture. Last night we got a huge thunderstorm. No tornadoes or any thing just sever winds in excess of 60-70 miles at times and hail.

Not realizing how bad it was I went out to save my tomato plants thinking it was just pea sized hail. My sweet husband ran out with me and said let me grab the pot you have your seedlings in it is gonna be really heavy. While he was running back with it I heard several obscene comments about the rain. He was drenched and said man that hail was hard. I checked him out and I bet it hurt. He had 2 giant welts on his back shoulder area where it had hit him. That is when the news announced that we had walnut sized hail. The husband is fine gave him a hot bath in Epsom salts and a little TLC.

Woke up this morning to find trees down every where the neighbors yards are littered with them we were lucky out trees survived. Two buildings in our downtown collapsed due to the winds as well there are bunches of folks with out power.

I just keep thinking how my Husband could of been hit in the head not the shoulder, how our house is fine, the trees in our yard are fine and we did not even have a blip in our electricity. This makes me feel not only lucky but grateful to simply be ok. So ok we may not be the luckiest people in the world. My shops are slow to reach my goals for them. The husband is forever having to fix some thing around here. Now here is the big but in all of that. I will happily take the kind of lucky we are this morning it clearly shows its benefits. Today I just feel so grateful.

I will go into town later to try and get pics of the buildings but for now I got a neat one of one of the neighbors trees.

Thanks for reading your grateful friend

Cappy Sue

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My first Give away

Hello all just wanted to put the giveaway back up at the top. I am giving away one print of this from my shop on May 28th. I will draw a name from all the folks who follow and have commented at any time during the competion. You can enter as often as you like. This will be shipped to any winner inside the united states. Please enjoy our blog and enter for a chance to win.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Arch Nemsis

Well this is just a comical little post about my fearless nemesis. I call him Mr.Groundhog. Not sure why some how that sounds more dignified. he had been hanging out the last 3yrs or so in the far back of are yard past the fenced in area we keep for our two dogs. Recently he has gotten very bold and has been hanging out in our fence in part that I still can not find where he dug in from. My concern is that he may be a little to slow and my dogs will catch him. Or that they will catch him and he will bite my dogs. So now I am on the search for ways to rid my yard of him with out killing him. In any case arch Nemesis or no I thought who would not want to see a cute picture of a groundhog.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Don't Give Up

Yesterday I put this up in my shop I painted it the day before and yesterday morning. The story of her is that I kept dreaming of her. She would talk to me her voice was always warm and friendly but I could never hear the words only the general tone.

So Finally to get her out of my dreams and answer the mystery I painted her. This is common for me and how I often work things out with myself. Now here is where it gets weird. I went out this morning to pick up a photo for my sister for her birthday that I am matting and framing. I stood at the counter and heard from behind me two women talking. All the sudden that was the voice from all of those dreams. It was a little older lady telling her daughter not to give up. I believe she was telling her not to give up on getting her husband to church but still the message was clear. Don't give up.

Seeing her there it was not clear if she was really the woman I painted. While her eyes were huge and warm and she had a softness to her face in my heart I feel it was just some wonderful Divine way of reminding me you cant succeed if you give up. So my message for myself and every one else out there is what ever the issue "Don't Give Up!".

Monday, May 4, 2009

Creativity Clears the Head

Yesterday I spent the majority of my afternoon creating this Painting. It was not until my husband saw it that I realized creativity actually clears my head. He pointed and said when did she pose for that. I realized immediately he meant my niece.
I have asked on forums and talked to several friends for ideas to work with her on her self esteem as she prepares to head into middle school. Well when I had started painting I was thinking about that and some how it morphed into her being a younger version of herself in my painting. So on that note I started thinking of what was different for her when she was younger and then it hit me. We need to work on adventures we made every thing from a Easter egg hunt to going for ice cream a adventure. So now I know what I need to do.
My thought is the next time you have a issue try crafting, cooking, painting what ever it out with yourself.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quiet Sunday Morning

Hello all it is a cool spring morning and just goregeous out side. I had my morning coffee out on the porch wrapped up in a blanket. As I watched the sun come up I thought of just how good life is and wanted to share a bit of this morning with you. The photo of the sun peaking threw the clouds is not for sale or any thing just a pretty scene I wanted to share. It reminded me off all those times you here about a silver lining and looking for the light. Maybe it is because it was shockingly early or maybe I am just a secret optimist but I thought it was worth sharing.

So again my theme is find your joy, peace what ever ya want to call it where ya can.

My neice came over yesterday and we had a ball working on some clay jewelry. Then I watched a Cary Grant movie with my hubby and went to bed. It has been a good weekend and I hope yours has been the same. So here is to you and hoping your weekend was just as fun. I say this toasting the wish with more coffee :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Giveaway Continues

Hello again all I just wanted to update the blog on my giveaway. It is going strong up from 3 to 14 followers with 20 entries in the give away. So please feel free to tell your friends I would love for more people to have a chance to win my print. Remember all you have to do is follow and comment on any post for a chance to win. For all rules see the original post.
Now my actual blog post for today is actually about trying to see things outside the box. My nephew came over yesterday and saw some photos I took of a doll house I made out of a old trunk for his sister and I used action figures as the dolls because she likes them. Also I wanted encourage her to see things differently.
Well when my nephew looked at them he laughed hysterically and made me promise to give him some to put up in his room. This got me thinking and I will be putting up some in my Etsy shop. So who knows if it will work but I think it is so fun to think outside the box. Thanks for reading.
Cappy Sue

Friday, May 1, 2009

Diatomaceous earth a healthy flea and pest control

Hello again all I am writing today about another green thing in the world. A environmentally friendly pest control. I came across this great stuff a couple of summers ago and have found out it works great. Several times now on twitter etc I have heard people asking about a earth friendly pest control. Well this one works great.
Diatomaceous earth is ground up fossils that are not dangerous to humans or animals but cuts threw the waxy coating on spiders, fleas, roaches, and a variety of other nasty things you never want in your home. This dehydrates them and kills them with in 72hrs.

A couple of summers ago we found fleas on our dog. So knowing that one of our cats was allergic to any of the common flea meds we went looking for another option. This was that option. You can sprinkle it in your carpet where the pets lay, rub it into their fur, and use it all over your yard. Our problem cleared right up and we have not had one since. We did cover the yard last spring to stop any problems before they started and it worked. The stuff is so safe you can actually eat it. Now I did so before I put it on my pets and I was just fine. There are some things you need to be sure about when using this as there are several different kinds of Diatomaceous earth.

1. Always get it from a green pet store this will not be at your petco or petsmart or get it at your health food store. I have called before looking for it they know what it is. The reason is it must be food grade. Their are other types of Diatomaceous earth used to keep pools clean and in oil spill cleaners that can hurt your pet if they consume it.

2. When applying it to your pet remember they will be dusty so it will be in your house and try not to get it up their or your nose. the small particles can get pretty dust cloud like quick so keep big movements down during application.

3. If you decide to use it on carpets or furnishing be sparing. A little goes along way. The picture above is where I used a old Parmesan cheese can to sprinkle it from. This stuff does cut up flea egg sacs so it is worth it if you have a infestation. Just remember it can be hard on your vacum cleaner if you go crazy with it.

Here are a couple of websites that have more information on the subject as well. I just wanted to make more information on it available to every one.

Oh and don't forget to follow and comment for a chance to win my giveaway of a print from my shop.