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Friday, July 31, 2009

Monthly update

Hello all this is my monthly update. We raised $28.00 this month to go to the animal rescues. This month I am going to give it to Hope Animal Rescue. Thank you to all who made it possible. Sorry this is so short but I have a cold and am getting ready to head back to bed. I did want to include this picture of my kitty. He was helping me do laundry here as you can see. I think it was break time. Have a great weekend every one.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What My Mom Did Right

OK so what brought on a post about my mom it is not her birthday or the anniversary of her death. Well it is very simple.

Last night I came down with a cold. Just your every day run of the mill NyQuil fearing cold. As I got up very late to get a hot cup of tea and clear my congestion I thought of her. From the time I was a little kid my mother gave me tea for congestion.

Then I got thinking about horror stories from childhood where people say oh my parents did this and this. Well so did mine they were nutty to say the least but sitting enjoying my tea I also thought about what they did right.

When I was a little kid about 7 the local mall had a beauty pageant. I wanted nothing to do with it till I found out you could win toys. So upon my request to enter my mother said sure. She got out my cutest dress found out what all the rules were and took me down to the pageant.

There were 3 sections. The first was were they asked you questions and if I remember correctly I laughed out loud at the host question. My response was what does it matter I am a kid. And sadly I don't remember the question.

The second part was come out wearing casual wear. Well there I came wearing my jeans and a cute little shirt. While all the other girls moms put make up on them my mother grinned and ignored it. When I pointed it out she said well would you like to wear some. Being the Tom Boy that I was of course the answer was no. My mother leaned down and whispered to me good you don't need it. So after our first parade down the runway we were to put on our fancy clothing.

This is where I was shocked. For a long time my parents had made every effort to get me to stop trying to run around in my undies. So when I discovered we were supposed to just strip down where half the mall could see and people were walking by I refused. I remember my sister saying don't you want to win. I said not if I have to get naked. My mother said OK you know this might hurt your chances. I said yes. She said do you just want to go down in what you have on? Again I said yes.

While other mothers rolled there eyes my mother fixed my bow and sent me back down there wearing what I was happy in.

I got Honorable mention which meant a free barbie and was very pleased.

I am always going to think of how my mother let me be who I was. That was one of many awesome things about her. So today I encourage you all to be who you are and tell your moms thanks for teaching you to do so. Oh the photo is of that day we got a victory ice cream there after. I so wish I had a picture of my mother and how proud she was that her kid was different that day.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Book Review

OK well I don't know why but ever since my first book report in oh the 1st or 2ND grade I have written if nothing else a very brief review of every book I read. So why not share those here on the occasion after all what could be better than a review of a book from 1964 that as far as I can tell made no huge splash. But hey as you can tell from the photos above it does have a nifty cover that looks like it means business. I just loved the worn stained look of this book. It has hand written dates from previous owners from the 70s-80s and I wonder what they thought when they read it. I also wonder why some one put check marks in certain spots. Was it a book club choice some thing for school. What ever it was will remain a mystery but I love that it has one. So in closing the following is my review of said book. I hope it makes you want to run out and find it.

The Q Document A Book Review
It was written by a man named James Hall Roberts and printed in 1964. This book started off a bit slow to me. It shared a thread with the book “Condemned To Devils Island” as well. Both the main Characters in this case Cooper were barely stand able. The morose bland attitude of Cooper in most every situation made me gasp for air feeling to confined just to read about him fictitious or not. The 4 other main players in the book Willa, Myoko, Hawkins, Father O Conner are all eccentric in one way or another to say the least which kept the book fairly interesting. Seeing where Cooper would fall on his line of morality when dealing with them and there own off kilter sensibilities.
For Me the last 100 pages of the book made the first 178 worth it. With the big revelation which I would of put much further ahead about Coopers wife I finally felt a understanding of him. While any reader novice or not would expect only great loss could lead to his current apathy. That big turn really gave him life. It made it all make sense. It made him sad and not just well for lack of a better word a prick.
You must not forget the constant yet never present Martin Baum-Brenner. What a ingenious way the man worked and I was so delighted to find the answer to his activities. Any one could understand the desire for survival but it was lovely to see he also left such a genius key to his activities.
Well all in all the end while not what I wanted made me excited for the future of all involved and feel better for the time spent reading the book

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am Boycotting the NFL

Well I for one am in shock. Here the NFL has allowed Michael Vick back in conditional or not. The man took part in drowning, beating, hanging and electrocuting dogs that did not win in his dog fighting club. He only confessed after 3 of his people admitted their parts and turned on him. Now I agree if he has served his time regardless of how unfair the amount was in my opinion he should be allowed to be free.

What is horrific is that the man has been embraced by the NFL. This is a organization that knows very well children watch and they are a family activity in many homes. Who in there right mind would now let their child watch a game knowing they avidly support and allow back a man who is a convicted animal killer. Why would they put children in such danger who watch for their heroes often in sports.

I mean Janet Jackson has a breast show on the half time game and they are up in arms how they did not know and don't support that. But your willing to roll the dice on giving a killer prime air time.

Clearly every one will have to make their own choices but I am boycotting not only the NFL but as well any products that buy air time during the games, what ever channels carry the games and any one who supports them. I will also be going to protest any official games played close to my home. Fine let him have a life and build for himself but in no way should he just go back to his old life. I mean come on those dogs that were tortured with no defense will not be going on in there life.

The fact that Michael Vick does not recognize that he should have no place in a position where children will see him as a role model clearly shows a complete lack of sincere remorse.

So in closing while this is my first official boycott in some time I ask all of you who read this and feel the desire please boycott to. Write the NFL tell them how you feel. Boycott all companies that support the NFL and tell every one you know.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Furry Friendly Inspiration

Well the other day I was working on cleaning out my closets. I love to alternate my decor seasonally and love the fall so I wanted to get every thing ready to come out in a month or so. Also I have a second closet just chock full of Christmas decorations. Our home is small so my rule for myself is no more decorations than what can fit in this half closet.

So when I went thrift store shopping the other day besides a few fabulous vintage finds I cam across a awesome sleigh. It is a cute solid wood hand made sleigh The color is pine and it is just perfect to either hold a set of Christmas napkins and plate to have out for when visitors come and you want to indulge in coffee and cake. Or it could hold some holiday themed stuffed animals on a season long sleigh ride. Some one clearly took the time to make this lovely piece and here I am getting it at a off season at the thrift store price of $1.50. So of course this treasure had to come home.

Any how as I work on finding the perfect spot on top of my jinga of red and green decorations I looked up and see the kitties investigating the sleigh. So I snapped a couple of picks I thought I would share because they cracked me up.

Now my awesome friends have inspired me to do holiday portrait of each of them riding in it. I am sure that will be a fun day. So again I just wanted to give a special nod to my favorite muses the furry ones.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Little Hope For Saturday

Well today I am enjoying coffee and just slowly working my way into the world. Long ago I remember hopping up bright and early to watch cartoons. I think I still would but sadly they don't show the Smurfs or Alvin and the Chipmunks any more on Saturday morning. Instead I like to get up and make a plan.

Now I make a big effort to have time for visiting with my sis as that is fairly often our big plan. Schedule permitting doing the farmers market to. But today I am just working on the hope of completing a few things so maybe next Saturday will be a little bit more about spending time with some of my coffee and a good book.

My hope for today is to get some serious writing done on a book I am trying to write. My hope for today is to get in a good work out with some weight training. My hope for today is to be kind to all I meet and try to laugh. So what is your hope for the day? Oh and this picture for me is a little hopeful I hope you like it to.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Simple Life

Yesterday I had a fun day. While working in my garden my neighbors daughter who is six asked if she could come over and help. It was to much fun. She saw I was also taking pictures of some art work and wanted to help me set up a photo or two. The picture I used in this we did together. I love it because it reminds me of the simple things and just how happy that they can make a person. I also find them wildly inspirational. There photo has a old watering can I picked up at a thrift store along with a pewter tray. They were both great finds to add to my collection of all thing old and odd. Then the flowers and tomatoes were from my garden. She called them my baby tomatoes. I did not have the heart to explain that the variety I grew were supposed to be that big. Then the small cake was just one of my efforts at working with clay. It was a good day and we had so much fun. What it really got me thinking about to is how important it is to pass down a love of what is simple to the younger generation to. I never have seen a little girl so excited to take home some flowers and tomatoes before. Well have a good day and I wish you all the chance to enjoy some thing simple today.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feeling inspired even when life is not so inspiring

I want to start this post with extending my sympathy to all family and friends of a lovely team member I was acquainted with on etsy. Her name was Chromasmear on her shop. She was not a close friend to me but we had pleasant chats in the chat rooms and she was always a very kind person. RIP chromasmear.

Now on to the rest of the post.

Well this post is all about what most of my post are about. Trying to stick int here when just burying my head sounds like a much more pleasant thought. This has been a very weird week. It has had all the drama and making of a good hide on the couch with a TV remote or good book.

That is what I like to do when there are just to many emotions. How ever I have noticed that working on creative pursuits gets me threw them much faster. So I made some new clay things for my little clay shop. I also worked on a novel I have been inching threw. Took some fun photos to. I hope you like the one above. So I love to end with questions and here are two for you today. 1. how do you like to work threw emotional times.

2. Do you find creating things helps during emotional times.

thanks all for taking the time to read.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Enjoying Life

Some times I forget that if you slow down and give yourself a chance to recharge your batteries a abundance of inspiration gets a chance to move in. I have been really trying to do that the last few days and can not wait to share the things I have come up with. Till then I want to wish you all a chance to slow down and recharge as well. I hope you like the picture I took and altered this in the last couple of days.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Change and how it effects our lives

Hello all. I am writing today all about change. Recently I have started trying to watch the flexing of life as options fade and new ones emerge. While if I intend to I will try most any thing
. Change has always been some what frightening for me.
It is funny to think of it like this but recently I have started thinking of change as a living being. It to me has all of the characteristics. It is some what like a stray cat. If you get a cat or say start doing little changes to your life more will come looking for their friend. For me I have been redecorating my home putting up old things changing them around giving things new life.
From this I noticed a seemingly unrelated up cropping of change.
First was a unresolved question. Those drive me nuts because I always want a absolute. The second was a possibility of change for my husband in his work place. The third was a shift in my dreaming.
So again this led me to think about change as a living being. It eats to stay alive. It eats complacency or routine. It can die if you refuse to feed it long enough. It has mobility as it can go to many people at once and just rooting around in one persons life in many areas. So I guess to me change is some thing akin to fire. Great if used in moderation.
So now here is my question. If change is a living being. What would it look like. What type of personality would it have. I think this may be some thing I shall ponder and try to put to paint.
Oh the reason for the picture with this post is that I altered a old record cover to make that image. I would love your thoughts.
have a great day.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Candy Land and Other Wonderful Places

This is a painting I just finished all about imagination. A few weeks ago I had a dream involving a surreal world of gingerbread houses and candy canes. I loved the dream it was a really fun place to be. It also inspired me to create some candy charms for my shop CappySueClay as well it inspired this painting and soon to be print.

It really brought home imagination for me. How going to the petting zoo can help you imagine a petting zoo world. Maybe a day in the garden can help you think up a tomato plant fight. What ever it is next time you are doing some thing mundane try to imagine some thing crazy inspired by the project and see how it inspires you. Today I think I may be working on a little painting of a coffee pot putting a sleep additive in the coffee. Hehe who knows. Just remember to have fun.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well this monster is made of clay and just a cute interpretation of a sea monster. But today I am going to talk about a lot of different monsters. It started last night when I talked to a friend and carried over to this morning.

The 3 biggest monsters to avoid just my opinion here. First of course is friendpire. Also known as the psychic vampire. you know those people who when you finish talking to them you feel like a run down battery.

The second is your own monsters. The ones we hide away and tell ourselves are horrible facts about us. Remember that slaying your own monsters is your only choice. No one can get to them in your head but you. After all you can not change that past just what you do now.

The third is of course the real monsters. The ones who do things like the scum running a dog fighting ring less than 100 miles from my home. There are far worse ones to but just avoid them all. They attache to a person like athletes foot to a uncleaned shower.

Now we have covered the bad monsters lets investigate the good.

The first one is big foot. Come on in this day and age if you can find some one who knows what there doing in the woods and is fairly clever enough not to get caught. Then hey they might be a keeper.

The second is soft ones. While your pets may be monsters to your shoes and furniture they are just big babies to you. Always embrace the furry.

The third one is again our own. If your inner monster has a positive effect on your life let that monster run free from time to time. It can be a real hoot. I find it also gives me great insight on the other parts of my life.

So in closing I hope you all got a kick from my list. And another question. What is your favorite monster out there.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Mystery Artist

I love to go to little thrift and antique stores and muck around finding treasures. This is one of my favorites. While I love getting things I know where they come from this is just a fun little bit about one that is a mystery to me. I picked this up at a thrift store some 10 years ago. It is dated 95. It has a artist listed whom I have concealed the name of because I obviously cant find the person to ask permission to put it up. I grabbed this 8x10 inch wood painted and engraved plaque for a grand total of 75cents. I love it and it has hung every where I have lived since the day I bought it.

I find myself stopping fairly often to gaze at it and wonder about the front angel serene and beautiful. I also wonder about the more fun angel on the back. It has a comment written that says "A Angel for Rich." I wonder about Rich to. Was this for a child's room? Was this discarded by some wayward lover. Did some one pass away and this treasure was given to thrift. I am always so curious. I thought I would share this little mystery with you and ask you a question.

What are your favorite finds. What has a mystery you would love to know about.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th to all and enjoy the day

This is a little painting I did inspired by watching fireworks over a body of water. It is just a pretty scene and I thought it would fit the day. So I want to stop today and say thanks to every one who has fought and helped to keep this country free. I will and I hope you all as well do some thing to enjoy the freedoms of our country on her birthday.
So again have a great day all and I will see ya tomorrow.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dream Big

This is a good day. I have been thinking a lot lately on how to make my dreams come true. I am also one of those people who thinks while your dreams may change there is no point in not dreaming big. I have had several dreams that were fairly big that have came to light. But I find the best way to get to one of those "Big Dreams" is to do several things.

First for me is to sit down and write down what that dream is. Then I break it down and I mean break it down into daily goals. Some times if it seems to elusive for that I will pick on thing I think clearly could lead me to that dream and start by making that the goal.

For instance when my husband and I wanted to get our first home where we still live we made a plan. First we looked at savings and credit. Then we looked at where we wanted to live. The steps that we took to make it possible were things like pointed credit purchases. Where we would buy some thing and the next day pay it off to bring up our credit score. We became good friends with coupons, got rid on services that were not mandatory. So as we saw our saving grow we started seeing homes. Found out about incentives to buy in our area all kinds of things. Then with in about a year we were moving into our first home. For us this was a big dream. We really wanted to be investing our money in some thing not just paying rent.

Another goal for me recently has been to get over my fear of spiders. A few weeks ago I fell and really hurt myself because I thought I saw one. So now I am making a plan to clean out all the places they lurk like the garage, basement, cellar and such. My goal will be to obviously kill them if need be but more I want to trap and release. Now I have a fear still but slowly it is getting more manageable. Which may sound weird to many but for me having the ability to lose such a silly fear is a big dream.

So Just remember to dream big for yourself and to make a plan to get to that dream. Any thing is possible.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Winners in Giveaway and monthly update

First to announce the winners of the prizes.

  1. First place winning the print was Homemadeforhim
  2. Second place winning the charm pendants was Curtis Collectibles
  3. Third winning the bookmarks was Braytonhomesteadinteriors

Congratulations to all and thanks for entering each of the 3 winners will be contacted shortly to find out where to send your item.

Now on to the monthly business. Well this month I raised $12.60 that I am going to give to the 5A animal shelter near me. I know that I appreciate the business that makes that possible and they will appreciate that donation for their animals. So thank you for your business.

Well I am off to contact the winners and package some prizes. Have a great day all.