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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Postive Wednesday

Hello all I am doing my second week of positive Wednesday. This is one of those post just meant to keep the good mojo going.

I am starting with a picture of my new fairy house line . This is the first one I made and I am really enjoying the others I am working on. This line suits my mindset right now.

So what is new that you are working on.

Now for the official list of 5 things that are positive today

1. I am very grateful for laughing. I watched a very silly show with my hubby and he made me laugh so hard my face hurt afterwards.

2. For the cool weather nothing in the world inspires me like fall leaves and a cool windy day.

3. My recent boost of sales always nice to feel what you do is appreciated.

4. Aurthur the neighbors dog he came and visited yesterday after a escape from his yard. His big smile left me smiling. Never saw a dog so pleased with himself.

5. surprises had a couple of those this week and it was just lovely.

So what are you grateful for today :)

thanks all have a great day.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Spooky Happenings

So as I have mentioned before I love the fall I have also noticed this is when the spooky factor comes up greatly. Recently we have had some odd little things happen around here. I thought you might enjoy them. Why not see if we cant raise the hair on the back of your necks.

So OK my weird things. First the dreams are off the charts lots of dreams all crazy and spooky. Then the awake time stuff is whats really weird.

There is a photo of my grandparents there engagement photo actually that I keep out all the time. I have it right next to my spot to sit and drink coffee in the morning. I turn and look at it every morning. My grandma was a very social person and loved any reason to celebrate. So I put a pretty ceramic pumpkin next to her photo. Well I turned around to look at the photo and my lovely fall decorations and the pumpkin was gone.

This greatly confused me because I thought why would my husband move my pumpkin. It is not like he is into decorating. We also have no kids so I knew no one else would move it.

So with that I was up and looking all over trying to figure out why my pumpkin was not there. finally after looking all over I stuck a post it to my phone. I wrote to myself to ask the husband if he called. Then I went back to have my coffee. When I walked in I just stopped there was my pumpkin right in its place.

The second bit of creepy was very similar. I like to wipe every thing down with a cleaner a couple times a week. Well I was wiping off the coffee table and could not find my coasters that normal sit in a holder on them. They are large silver and very noticeable. I actually thought to myself OK you are cleaning a totally empty table where could they be. So again I went hunting and again I found nothing. I walked back into the room to get my cleaners and they were sitting dead in the middle of the table. I again stood with my mouth open slightly confused.

Then this was the creepy third thing. I was on the front porch and if you look in the front door you can see all the way to the back porch. I was drinking a cup of tea and just watching the sunset. I kept feeling like I was being watched so I turned around. My thought was oh must be a kitty wanting to visit. I saw my back porch and what looked like a shadowy figure move across it. Then it was gone. It freaked me out because at first I thought burglar. So here are my little creepy moments. Please share yours. Have a great day yall.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Makes someone unprofessional

Hello again all I write this after a lengthy discussion with a dear friend today and random incidents in the day. Today I watched someone become unglued because they did not get the answer they wanted on a chat room. I also saw a waitress put her finger up for a customer to stop in mid order so she could answer her cell phone. Then my favorite. I went to a little bazaar type thing today and had the woman running the booth telling her friend who was with her every detail of her yeast infection while I was checking out her jewelry. You guessed it I walked away from that booth.
So here is my question. What do you think makes people unprofessional. I ask because I am self employed and I represent myself at many events, and venues of all kind from my etsy shop on up to trying to get my work in catalogs. Now these things I have mentioned clearly are not any thing I would do but I am curious really what do you think is the biggest unprofessional thing many people do. I am wanting to know so I can make sure that it is not part of how I appear on my professional time. Thanks all any input would be great.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Featured Etsy Shop DBarcreations

Hello all I love to feature shops where I get things I love. This shop I have procured the most wonderful fall hat from. I have used a photo of it above. dbarcreations sent me a fast and great quality product. I love the hat and cannot wait for cooler weather and even more chances to wear it. The whole service from dbarcreations was just great. So Once again I wanted to point out a Etsy shop I think shines with a special bit of professionalism and great items. I hope you take a chance to look around as well. This is one of those awesome shops with crazy prints, and calm stuff to just a little some thing for every one. Who knows maybe the perfect item is just waiting for you. Here is a link to the shop I hope you really enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

She Flys With Ravens

So this was a dream yet another that haunted me. Every time I would close my eyes I would see wings flapping and hear them against the wind. That's how this painting came to life. I dreamed of the girl coming out and taking flight with the ravens. Then her smiling back just like she is in the painting. Some part of it made me want to go with her. I am not sure why.

So not sure why but it has made me come up with a plan. I am going to do a post called "Positive Wednesday" each week listing 5 things I am grateful for that week. So here is my first effort at it. Please feel free to post your positives to.

1. Sleep - I had trouble sleeping all week so finally getting a good night of it made me feel like a new person.

2. Autumn - I love fall and every thing it brings. The colors and smells etc and enjoy them so.

3. My husband - today he surprised me with a little gift just to be sweet. Its not the gift but that he still thinks to do such that makes me happy

4. Music - I am laughing so hard write now listening to the monster mash

5. Birds - We have loud cranky birds that nest just out side of our bedroom and well it has become a point of comedy to hear them complain every morning it is a good laugh.

Have a great day all.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Odd Couple

So as I have mentioned before I am in love with all things fall. One of my favorite things is the spooky lighting. This Casper who lights up and glows orange was given to me some years ago by my sis. I love to turn it on then just read a good ghost story. When I put it over by the cookie monster lamp it was intended to be there just long enough to see if the bulb needed to be replaced. Then when I looked at if from a distance I had a really good laugh. To me this looks just like they are hanging out. So of course that made it impossible for me to move it as it simply makes me giggle every time I walk by. So what odd decorations do you have.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Brain Skipped A Season

Well I don't know how to explain it exactly but most of last night I had crazy dreams. That part needs no real explanation as it is my normal state. Nightly I encounter fights, cannibals, monsters, labyrinths, all kinds of troubling situations. Well last night I woke up from those dreams about 4:30 a.m. and washed my face.
As it turns out having to knife a alien who is pretending to be some one else has a startling effect on ones sleep. Then I had this dream. A low beat of giant drum with wind rushing by my ears. Then a crying violin played along. My eyes were filled with images of snow and ice and even some of my own pictures of winter. Which normally I love but some thing about this unnerved me. I tried to speak as I felt some one else was watching these images yet I could not speak a word. I would try and find myself unable to be clear over and over. It go really weird when I woke up. I was freezing like I was out in the snow. I had covers just like normal and my husband was right next to me. Even my mouth felt cold my gums like when you talk in the winter outside were cold. I got a extra blanket and snuggled even closer to the husband. The poor man was in a dead sweat when he woke up.
So any thoughts on my creepy little dream ?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Argued With Edgar Allen Poe

Ok so my day has been one of those weird surreal days. It started this morning when I was happily sleeping and my dream was filled with all things odd. Of all things some crazy person at least I assume crazy person had put me in charge of a school.

Well guess who worked there yep that's right Edgar Allen Poe. He had designs of letting the children drink to work on poetry. So of course we argued. The oddest thing was how he just dramatically collapsed onto a chair. Tossing his head back he proceeded to ramble on part of Annabell Lee at me then switched off to The Raven.

I remember yelling at him to stop being so dramatic. Just my luck run into a dream of Edgar Allen Poe and I end up arguing with him.

Then more weird business. I was covered in sweat and paint and went to take a bath. While I was closing my eyes I hear thump thump of a loud stomping in our home. I thought hmm oh hubby must of got off early. Nope I come running out to say hello as the dogs are barking and not a soul. What a odd creepy day.

So any how I tossed up this little image I am debating putting up in one of my shops. Thought maybe it would provide diversion from the oddness. Have a great day all.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Breaking Out Fall

So The leaves are turning the walnut tree in the back yard is almost bare. I drove the river road and got some soon to come lovely photos and fudge over the last couple of days. It is official its the most spooky time of the year. I love love love so here are a couple of my own paintings I made just to hang up and creep out my own little abode.

I would love to know what you put out any cool suggestions. Every few days I will show some more of my fall decorations to help inspire you to. Some I bought a lot I made and many were snatched up from mother nature or rehabbed from old finds at thrift stores :) Any how have a great day all.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Duranged Bunny

So some times no matter how hard you try to make some thing come out right it just doesn't. For instance when I started on this bunny my intent was cute not frightening. However clearly we have taken a turn into the creepy cracked out bunny land. So I am saving him he might just be the beginning of my creepy Halloween animal menagerie. Who knows but I think its good to just enjoy our mistakes . So what has gone terribly wrong that you have made lately.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Break Out The Creepy

Hello all I hope your wonderful this lovely Saturday. This is my favorite time of year when the season of all things mysterious and spooky begins. Today is the weekend I will pull out all my fall decorations. Paintings of broom riding witches, vampire pumpkins, harvest decorations, all come out. I love to switch out to fall color throws and blankets and pillows. There are even fresh spices like ribbon tied bunches of cinnamon sticks and such to be put out. Any thing to encourage the lighting of candles and telling of ghost stories.
So in that effort I present you with one of my photographs. I took this photo of the sky one day as a huge rolling storm came in. It was a fast swift storm bubbling the clouds all over like steam from a pot.
If you look on the left side of the photo the clouds make the shape of a being. When I see it I clearly see a alien face and body and well it does not look friendly. The weirdest part of this picture is that other than cropping I have not done any thing to it. So I hope this gives you a little fright and would love to hear your spooky encounters to. I have a second photo taken of the same storm clouds that looks like a fairy sitting in the middle of it. Have a great day all.

Friday, September 11, 2009

How Cool is This

Ok some of you are probably thinking what the hell. But I hope at least some of ya are just amazed by the bright color. I was going to put my dogs out this morning and found this awesome guy hanging out on my back porch window. I just had to share. I have seen plenty of green one but never a red one before. Oh I did not clean the image up just zoomed in on his colorful self. I hope you all have a great day.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

lost all the blogs I follow

Hello all this to weird. I logged into my account and it is telling me that I dont follow any blogs. I was following many. Has any one else had this happen recently? If so please let me know.
Cappy Sue

Monday, September 7, 2009

Little Addiction Problem

Well let me start with this problem is my kitties addiction not mine. Mine involve bad movies, and coffee. So yesterday was lovely and I opened up the back porch so they would have a new spot to sit and watch birds, squirrels what ever. The only things I keep out there are a bag of catnip my fault I forgot about that and the dogs grooming supplies. After hearing a weird crash and seeing my cat run in like he was being chased by the feds and his name was Dr.Richard Kimble I went out to investigate. Apparently they took this opportunity to get completely high, shred the cat nip bag and tossed it across my floor. They did take breaks to watch birds and what not to. So I thought I would share this bit of fun with you all. The fun sorta ended when I brought out the vacuum cleaner. Hope this made ya smile. Have a great day all.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Project Contest Help Emma Travel

So I made this doll and now I am trying to figure out what to do with her. So I started think about if I was a doll what would I want to have done with me. I quickly realized that sitting on a shelf or in a collection of freakish unrealistic animals that were stuff would not be my goal. I would want to travel. So Emma that's her name is going to be a lady of adventure. She will be traveling from me to some one and hopefully from them on to some one else and so on and so on. I would love it if Emma could travel get a picture from where ever she is with you or near by some thing you think is cool that you send me via email and we put it up on the blog. As she travels and I receive images of her I will share them here with you all.
So how do you enter because you know you like company and want to help Emma see the world. Well all you do is leave me a way to contact you and tell me what you will show Emma when she comes to visit. When I get 30 or more responses I will pick where she goes. You can be any where in the world just mention it in your post.
The rule of taking care of Emma
1. Emma is only visiting you must mail or take her to some one else. Emma is small her shipping is not that bad.
2. Please send me a picture of your adventure with Emma so we all can keep track of her.
3. Feel free to add a item to her dress or outfit to represent you or your home :)
4. Have fun and do it with love.
Well this is all lets see where you all want to take her. Have a great day all.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Home Is Where ??

Ok this is not my best painting or most detailed. This is in fact a rather simple painting. What it is though is important to me. It is a painting of my ideal winter and home. Just a place lost to snow drifts lit by the warmth inside. Even though I have never had such a place I see this and think of home. Sure it is that bit of Norman Rockwell we all have in our souls from time to time. But that does not stop me from putting it out every winter. So my question is this what exactly do you think of when you think of your idyllic home?