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Friday, October 30, 2009

Ideas For decorating For the Holidays

Ok so this is maybe a little early but I like to start planning now little things to make and do to make the fall and holiday season more fun. Especially as times are so tough economically across the board I wanted to bring up some low cost ways to plan for the holidays.
You can start finding these ideas here every Friday.
Here is what the picture above is about though. It is a Holiday idea. My hubby and I have collected one special ornament and made or bought a few nice ones till we have a big tree full. I cant help it I like my tree to shine. So this year I was looking at my box of Christmas stuff that I never know what to do with. I have been given some pins of my mothers and grandmothers that they wore at Christmas.
Well I am not big on wearing the pins they are not my style. I do grin every time I see them though. Both ladies loved to wear them and always like to celebrate. So That is where this idea came from. I took one pin and left the back on in case in years to come I want to move it. I then sewed it loosely to a felt square I sewed up with a red ribbon edge. The ribbon also has sentimental value. On the back I make it white cotton. I am intending to print up on iron on paper a small story of each ornament and whom they belonged to then iron it on the back.
I will add some yarn or a hook which ever is more convenient to it and then put them up on my tree.
These ornaments will make a lovely family heirloom and I will post more as I get them done. I have talked to my sister and I may even make her some. So I hope you like the idea. Maybe you have some pretty jewelry of any kind really you can do the same with to keep your loved ones near in the holiday season. Any how I would love to know what you think and if you have and ideas. I will put up another season decorating idea next week.
Happy Halloween and have a great weekend yall

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gratitude on Thursday

Hello all I changed up gratitude Wednesday yesterday just for this week so I will be going over that today. Also Congratulations to Naturescounselor who won my print giveaway by retweeting it yesterday.

So on to the gratitude list.

1. I am grateful for warm oatmeal on chilly days nothing better when you are trying to stay warm.

2. I am grateful for all the spooky movies that have been on I love them.

3. I am grateful for thick blankets, hot tea and the smell of cinnamon sticks. they make every thing cozy.

4. I am grateful for the dog coat that I made for my poor old arthritic dog. Why I am grateful is that well she looks ridiculous in it. I cant help but laugh every time I see it let alone on her. Don't worry those pics are soon to come.

5. I am grateful for the extra time I have had recently to catch up on all my little projects. Time to savor what your doing is so important.

So as always her is my question. What are you grateful for?

Oh the photo with this post is one I took the other day then altered when I was out and about in town. It is fall and spooky all at once how fitting for this time of year.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Featured Artist This Week is LuLu Design

Hello all I am moving my gratitude Wednesday to tomorrow because I really wanted to get this lady up on my blog.
She has a lovely shop with work that seems to bring a feeling of calm and peace as you look at it. What really adds to the uniqueness of her shop is she is also a intuitive or psychic which ever you prefer to call it. What better shop could there be to feature than one that covers a topic on many minds this time of the year.
So here are some questions I have asked her as well peppered in some of my favorite photos of her and her work. Also I am using some photos from her lovely blog with her permission of course.
My first question was when did you realize you had some abilities others did not?
Her Answer: I am going to refer to my psychic-medium abilities in response to this question. My first really big moment of realization came when I stood up in a mediumship development circle I had just joined and made an instant connection with someone who had passed over. I immediately sensed and saw images of what they looked like, where they lived, what they were like, who they were around, stuff like that. That really blew my mind because I had never before witnessed mediumship or knew what to expect at all! It was quite exhilarating and fascinating and I've been hooked ever since on connecting with the spirit world!
My next question was when did you realize these intuitive/psychic abilities were a part of your art work?
My psychic-medium abilities were definitely enhanced by my work as a professional artist since 1993. Being an artist is similar in a way to being a psychic because both skills can allow one to access other worlds. Being a psychic and being an artist require deep concentration and focus to the point of obsession and allow one to connect with other realms and beings. So it wasn't that much of a leap to turn my art work (which is often created in series) into four decks of oracle cards that I use for my psychic readings. I was also guided by a dream to turn my Lefty artwork (a series of over 500 drawings created over a period of five years with my non dominant left hand) into cards that I was to use for online readings exclusively . The day after I received that dream was when I started offering readings on etsy and I haven't stopped since! I've also gone on to create a blog and website as well. Currently I work with a Lefty Oracle deck, a Goddess Zodiac deck, a Fairy Herbal Healing deck and a Celtic Tree Oracle deck. They don't follow any system such as a tarot deck does, but instead serve to emphasize and expand upon a psychic reading in a visual, healing and informative way. All the decks, except for the Lefty deck come with written information explaining the meaning behind the card ie. herbal healing, zodiac, goddess and Celtic druidic wisdom. There are always clues in the information that can guide one to enhance their reading and to work with it on their own to bring about inspiration, healing or shifts in energy that will hopefully encourage the client to move forward and make changes in their life or in their habitual responses and patterns.
My third question was what is your favorite part of creating the art work?
Her response was : love to be in the moment - painting is all about expressively, emotionally and passionately connecting with heart energy. I love the feeling of going deeply into all kinds of emotions; difficult, painful, joyous and ecstatic ones - they are all expressions of who we are as human beings. I paint so that I can bring forth these feelings into the world in a healthy and almost cathartic process.
So now that you have read this all about this lady who has so much good energy around her you want to know more. Her are some links to her.
The etsy shop is The blog is this is a link to her sneak peak of this interview. Which is on her lovely now you know where to find out about her beautiful art and where you can get your own reading done. Thanks all of reading.
Oh I will be announcing later the winner of my giveaway I started yesterday. Want to leave it open for the last few hours.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Give Away Print Just Because

Hello all this is a fun little giveaway I am doing today and tomorrow drawing by 5p.m. tomorrow central time. Easy to enter just leave me a comment on any thing in my shops, or just saying hello or tweet this contest and send me a link all up to you. Leave me a way to contact you and I will draw tomorrow. You will get a 5x7 of this print. Any where in the U.S.A. Thanks all and have a good day.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spooky True Ghost Story

Well as you all know I love to try and creep you and myself out about this time of year. So here is another strange tale of paranormal to creep ya out.
I was having a party for my friend. She was having a second baby and very depressed. She had also given away all of her baby stuff. So getting ready for the shower my mother and sister helped.
I picked my friend up took her to my home. As all the guest greeted us. My sister and mother seemed to be vacant. My sister peeked around the corner in the kitchen and motioned for me to come in.
I did so. As the other guest took the pregnant guest of honor into the party. Apparently just as we pulled in my sister heard a dripping in the kitchen. A cabinet that was on a opposite wall to the sink had water dripping out of it.
Her and my mother thought oh no a pipe must be leaking. They opened the cabinet that only stored cookbook and was attached to the ceiling. They told me that what seemed like gallons of water and judging from the mess they were right came bursting out at them. When we cleaned it up it got really weird. There was no signs of pipes or any thing of that nature. All the cook books were dry and it never happened again. Let me tell you that was one weird party trying to explain to guest.
Have a good weekend yall.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dried Flowers, Early Morning and Big Dreams

Well today I am blogging more of a crazy little rant while enjoying my coffee break than really doing a focused commentary. It is very early here only 7 and I have been up for hours. I thought why not change up the routine and do some blogging before getting my work and errands done. Have to tell ya sitting in front of my office area window with it pitch dark Lil bit creepy.

OK on to the dried flowers. Well I salvaged these from the garden prior to the frost hitting. Oddly enough my tomatoes are still producing. I am starting to suspect they are immortal. Might be in for a attack of the killer tomatoes kind of Halloween. Who knows hehe.

In any case any ideas what to do with the flowers. Worn out on the wreath and bundle making.

Next topic well early morning.

I have been writing for a hour or so a story from a dream. It has sea serpents, morphing people all the crazy stuff. I love the morning for that kind of thing.

Also loving the morning news. Just saw where some robes are being recalled for being linked to 9 deaths. What I find odd is they don't mention how they are linked. Was it dye? Was it fabric? Was it poltergeist?? Hmm come on news people be more specific.

Well this is about all for my little rant. Hope you got a giggle or two. Now it is I am sure obviously clear why I wait till I have been up a little longer to blog :) Have a great weekend all.

thanks for reading


ps. These pics were just odd random ones except the dried flowers. Thought hey who does not need a little odd in their day :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wet Rainy Fall Walk

So I took a lovely walk this morning it was rainy and wet and just one of those beautiful fall mornings where you can enjoy the cool prettiness of a dreary sky day because you have such vibrant leaves to look at. I took these pictures this morning and really enjoyed looking at my neighborhood. I hope you enjoy them to. Have a great day all.


ps. Ok so the pumpkin one was more for fun :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday House of Love

Hello all this is been a very busy week full of fun and work. I have literally found myself so tired I fell asleep standing. That has been awesome as I have always been one of those who believed the whole "You can sleep when your dead" thing. This busy time is giving me a great momentum at the moment.

So I wanted to show you my newest fairy house in my line at my clay shop. This is the 3rd installment. This is the fairy house of love. What could be more fitting for a gratitude Wednesday.

I made this out of clay. It is meant to look a little crazy kinda like love. I painted it and put on red hearts. I then wrote "I love you" on it in about 50 languages. The roses were added because what says I love you like red roses. Oh and dont forget the jewelry salvage hearts I put on like little sky light windows. I hope it gives you a happy little feeling when you see it to.

Now on to the gratitude list.

1. I am grateful for all the creativity that has been around recently. My book of ideas is so full I am on to a second book.

2. For old friends. I spent one day at the river chatting with a old friend. It was a day well spent.

3. For my awesome customers. Recently I have gotten more than one message about how happy some one was when they received one of my items. That makes every one smile.

4. For crazy dreams because as much as they can keep me up I would truly miss them if they were gone.

5. For love all kinds today just feels like a day of love. My hubby, family, friends, pets, nature, God just every one.

Have a good day all and tell me what your grateful for please.



Monday, October 19, 2009

So How Many Directions Are You Pulled ?

Well last night I was really tired. I had baked part of the day for my business. Then I went down stairs and worked on a home improvement project which involves me and a sledgehammer. That has been going on for days.
I came back up stairs after painting and did some sewing for a customers custom order. Then cleaned the house and made dinner. The other list of things not included here could go on and on.
What this got me thinking on is that I have no kids. Well OK no human kids. But I am also one of those people who makes time for themselves. I don't let a cell phone keep me on call. Hell I don't even have a answering machine. I give my customers my email and check it regular in case they call and I am not home.
So any how being as I feel pulled in so many different directions I can only imagine what those with the drive to say yes, those with children and those who hate to disappoint must feel.
So today I got up very early. I did all the things I have to do today. I put up this picture of my kitty with her tongue out because well that is what I am doing today. Today I play hooky and razz the world.
Tomorrow I will be back to work :)
Here is my question. What do you do to unwind and how many ways do you feel pulled. Just thought this might be a good dialog to open.

Friday, October 16, 2009

This is part of my new Fall Home Feel

While this pillow may not be perfect I suspect such because well I sewed it. I do really enjoy it. I made it from some flannel salvaged from a dying shirt, a small square of felt and then some left over green fabric paint I was given. The pillow says it all. It is all about peace in my home. I want quiet calm, comfy places to nest and just a relaxing atmosphere. My goal is to have the whole place feel welcoming and just like you never want to leave. The pillow gets across my casual designs for the place and the fabrics make it warm and inviting to me. So what do you do to make your nest inviting? I would love some ideas.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday And My Mom

Well Today Is my Moms birthday. We lost her at 59 she would be 65 this year. I put up her favorite photo which is actually a photo from a oil painting of her when she was 26 or so. It Just feels right to talk about her and the good memories of her today. So my gratitude list will be of things to do with her.

1) I am grateful for her love of animals she passed that on to me. I don't think she ever met a animal she did not like. She loved her cats so that we even mentioned them in her obituary.

2) Her sense of adventure. While yes it got us into trouble more than once. Lost in terrible neighborhoods, traveling across the smokies on $17.00, she always instilled in us the desire to travel. On of my memories of going to sleep as a child is her describing what it would be like when we visited china. I truly am grateful she made me unafraid to go or try damn near any thing.

3) Her laugh it was the best laugh ever. She would get laughing so hard she would turn purple and you would have to calm her down or she would literally choke herself. That smiling purple face still makes me laugh.

4) Her love of music she introduced me to Roy Orbison, Elvis, Sam Cook, The Chiffons, all the great music and made it part of our lives. My favorite memory of that is driving when I was maybe 4 with her and singing "Side by Side"

5) I don't have this but it is one thing I really admired in her. She could forgive any one any thing. While I think it may have hurt her in many ways. Having that kind of kindness is some thing I was always in awe of.

I hope some where she knows I am writing this. She always loved being in the spotlight in any way and I think she would like this. So tonight I shall watch her favorite movie and drink her favorite wine. Have a great day all.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Addiction Can Be Fun

Well at least if it is to none harmful things. I was digging in a old jewelry box filled with things from grab bags of jewelry I bought over the years. Some times I would find a great item some times just stuff to break up and use for a project.

When I saw this though it stopped me in my tracks. It is a old sniffer. It was used on the finger of ladies mostly I believe to get snuff and some times more exotic items up to their face. I did this picture of it by accident as I considering throwing it up in my vintage shop.

This made me think about how we all have our little addictions and I thought how fun to list a few of our own. I will do 6 but feel free to do as many as you like.

The most interesting may receive a print of this image.

my addictions

1. Coffee - could not function with out it

2. Tea - my replacement for coffee the second half of the day

3. flirting- always in moderation at to appropriate people but lots of fun

4. pets- cant have just one like potato chips

5. Creating- does not matter what I am doing no length of time can pass before I find a way to make some thing pretty

6. Oldies - movies, music, images does not matter I love them all

So whats your addictions.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ghost Story Phantom Motorcycle

Hi all I thought what better way to kick off the weekend than a lovely and true ghost story for ya. OK all this is a weird story with death and creepiness all combined. about 12 years ago is when the story occurred and I dug it up to enter into the computer.

The Phantom Motorcycle

On night as we did many times my sister and I drove around a tiny town we used to live in. We would listen to music talk and do all that sisterly stuff. Well around midnight or or we were going along on a very back road. It was two lanes surrounded by fields of soy beans and corn. There were no street light not for over a mile.

We were prattling on about our romances, dreams what ever random events of the day had occurred. Our conversation got louder and louder till finally we turned the music off. We could hardly hear ourselves over the motorcycle behind us on the road.

Finally I turned to my sister and said "God just let him pass" . This is when my sister looked up and responded with "No one is there."

I told her that he must just be farther back or some thing. We rolled down the windows so we could hear better how close he was. Then is got louder and the sound came up next to us. It seemed to keep even with us for about 30 seconds. You could feel a presence. It seemed almost to be saying hello. Then the sound picked up drove past us and you could even hear the direction it turned at the end of the street as it went drove away.

So That night we went home and talked about how creepy it was because we looked every where there was no other cars and no lights. No one would be fool enough to try and drive those dark fields with no lights.

About 3 days later we received a call. The same night we heard a motorcycle. A domestic dispute had resulted in the death of a man we both new. His daughter had once been my brothers girlfriend.

My sister and I looked at each other in shock as we both new. The man did not have a car he only had a motorcycle. He lived on the road we were driving and loved driving around looking at the night sky.

So to this day we go back on that night and drive the road in honor of the person we knew as well because he was a man who loved fun and we thought he would appreciate the humor of it. So you have any ghost stories to share.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Give Away Pendant

What do ya win? You can pick any 1 of the $4.00 pendants from my shop and I will mail it to you free and clear. It is easy to enter. Just tweet this giveaway and make it to @cappysue on twitter so I can keep count. When I hit 100 retweets I will pull a random number. You can only tweet it once a hour to get a entry in the give away. You can also earn extra entries by following my blog, or commenting here which pendant you like best from my clay shop. Thanks so much and here is a link to the shop.

Oh this is a U.S. contest only.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday Gratitude And Inspiration

Hello all Tomorrow I am going to do a little giveaway as a thanks to all of you for taking the time to read my crazy little stories.

So on to the gratitude end of the day. Well there are lots of things to be grateful for this week.

My gratitude list is.

1. For the cool weather I am in love with the smells of fall and having no AC on and breezes coming in and out the house.

2. For a wonderful friend who just decided to gift me a bracelet. How kind is that.

3. For Date night with the husband it is good to see him in some thing with buttons that requires ironing once in a while :)

4. For the wonderful music and reading I have got to do this week. Nothing like 101 true tales of terror just before Halloween.

5. For sleep had been having lots of trouble with it and for the first time in so long I cant remember when it happened before I woke up from being rested not a screeching alarm. Yay for sleep.

Oh the Pendant above is one I made. It is the one from the Sign of hope story. I just thought I would share the image. I would love to know if you think I should add similar ones to my shop. Not sure if I am going to be able to let that one go. Might be a little to attached to it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Second Fairy House

So its sorta weird not only have I felt compelled to make fairy homes but I am now working on my 3rd one. This is the second and has a woodland feel. I would love to know what themes you would like to see one have. Hope every one has a great day and look for a giveaway here later in the week. Oh and if your reading this Happy Birthday Stitches :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Sign Of Hope

Well people laugh with me some times because contrary to all evidence I will always go with my gut. Signs, fate all that is as true to me and makes as much sense to me as any thing can. So I want to share this. Today I was at a little farmers market. It was going well and I still felt a little sad some how inside not sure why. Then I looked up and saw 3 pigeons. they were resting on a roof of the building across the street. One was white as could be. I had never seen one. While yes I am sure that they are part of our world and not some thing supernatural. That will do nothing to deter my belief that was a sign of some thing good. Just wanted to share that and hope some of it comes your way to.
ps. I got this photo from a place called pigeon mania :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Monthly Donation To Animals

Hello all This is my monthly update on what I will be donating to animal shelters. I want to thank every one who bought from me this month because that is where these proceeds come from. This month $11.00 will be going to the St.Louis humane society. Thanks to all who helped to make this possible. I hope you enjoy the pretty picture of my babies above making use of the couch cover :)