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Monday, November 30, 2009

Wreaths and Hot Chocolate

Hello all we had a great thanksgiving hope yours was great as well. So This year I went right out and got the tree. We tried earlier to get one but our favorite lot was not open yet so we waited. Then being the frugal crafty mad woman I am I took the bottom branches when we evened out the tree and made these two wreaths. One is for my sis and she has a mini tree.
So any how I sat out on the cold front porch with holiday music, hot chocolate and realized I was having a ball.
My thought is don't forget there are so many inexpensive ways to enjoy your holiday. So every few days I am gonna try and do some thing festive yet economical.
Today I am wrapping with non traditional paper and seeing how that goes. I will use all kinds of stuff. I love making up goofy things so why not.
So what ideas do you have ?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday and Happy Thanksgiving

Howdy all and Happy Thanksgiving. This is my first crack at a Christmas tree ornament. Obviously this wont be up in the shop but hey I like to share the humor. So I truly hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy yourselves no matter what your plan tomorrow.
So here is the gratitude list.
1. I am grateful for the bird in there all ready for tomorrow. I am so excited to have a low pressure holiday.
2. For the chance of flurries snow makes every thing pretty and more romantic to me. I will be so happy for even flurries.
3. For the really great trades I have made recently I got some more soap from the famous and loved all I can say is the poison apple is to die for. Also I find her soaps leave my skin so soft I don't always require lotion. And nope she did not in any way ask for a plug I just wanted to share a great shop.
4. For my wonderful family the human and furry that I get to soak up the day with tomorrow.
5. For all my friends here, all over the world, local and online. I hope no you all have a wonderful day.
See ya all Friday

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tips For a Easy Thanksgiving

OK well I have some tips to make you Thanksgiving easier than ever and I hope you enjoy them.
1. My biggest tip is do not spiff up your home what so ever for the dinner. The dust bunnies give people a conversation starter.
2. Dress either yourself, child or significant other completely inappropriately. The guest shock at your hot pants and big fake tattoo will divert attention from any hot button topics in the group such as religion or politics.
3. When people ask oh can I bring some thing have each of them bring a food. This way if they don't like what you make they wont starve and be bitchy.
4. Make every one go around the table and say what they are grateful for it is harder to say some thing mean directly after saying some thing nice.
5. spike every thing you possibly can coffee, wine, pie, what ever a drunk family is one that goes to sleep and leaves you alone.
6. I like to hide some thing like a random hamburger in the turkey. This way when you get the person that says oh I don't really like turkey you can say here ya go and slap down a patty.
7. Only have one dessert and make it your favorite. This is very important as the less options they have the faster they will finish.
hehe I hope you all had a good laugh and know this was all meant in jest. Well every thing but the spiking lol.
Have a great day

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dreaming Sunday

OK so the image above not so relaxing but to me it is. Any thing that makes me laugh is always a bonus. So today has been one of those easy days where you just wake up and savor the morning. I hope you all have had one of those recently. Last night was full of crazy dreams and I am about to get the put in my dream journal. The readers digest version is very simple. Got into it with Reverend Alden from Little House because he kept moving my Christmas tree and knocking shit off. Not sure what that was about but it did make me smile when I woke up.
The next dream was going on a pub crawl with all the women in my family. What made it very creepy was that many of them were dead. It was good to see they could still have a good time. Some thing about watching your great grandmother do shots is a bit freaky.
Well I hope this has given ya all a good smile or at minimum a raised eyebrow hehe. Have a good day all.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pre-Black Friday Sale and Decorating Ideas

Howdy all hope your days are all great. I wanted to start by letting every one know that this great team I joined that I am sure many of you etsy folks already know of Tradaholics. Well these awesome folks are having a sale. Here is a link to the thread on the sale with all the shops in it. A really neat way to get tons of Christmas gifts out of the way. Every thing will be reduced or is already under $10.00. I know I am gonna do a little shopping and just thought you may want to as well.

Now on to the decorating ideas. Well one day I came across a bunch of those sampler rings for sewing at the thrift store. All were under a dollar so I snagged them. I then took a bit of left over fabric from a different projects and some fabric paint as well and just did a free hand little design on it to resemble a snow flake. It was cute and cost me almost nothing. It is also very light so could easily hang some place you could not put screws in the wall. Just a idea. Have a good day all.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday

Well it is Wednesday and as yall know I love to reflect on the good thing in life from the past week. Actually there is always good stuff but I try to hit the highlights. Here are my highlights I would love to know yours.
1. I am so excited that the holiday music seems to be perking me up and sending me into creative over drive. while yes another horrible ornament has been made this one up top is pretty cute at least I am happy with it :)
2. Decorated some for the holidays with the husband. Not sure why but he is is a very cheerful holiday mood. I mean the man actually has ideas of assisting in the dinner for thanksgiving.
3. Did a artwork trade that was really fun to make. Not always inspired by the custom artwork ideas but this was a blast.
4. Was featured on a really cool blog that I follow she put up my little story and a work that went with it.
which just made the week.
5. Got some new perfume in a trade that I love.
6. Spent the best rainy day locked in with the hubs :)
have a great day yall I would love to know what your grateful for this week.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't Forget To Relax

OK so with the holidays coming I am pulling out decorations, planning events the nearest is thanksgiving. Just for that I have to make sure all the family has their ducks in a row so no panties end up in wads up butts causing issues at our feast. There are little extra projects like going over the good china, planning a menu.
Not sure about you but I like to try and mix things up a little each year. There is a little uptake in calls for orders from my shops. My roots are clearly trying to shame me into coloring my hair as I swear I saw a gray up there. You get the idea we all start picking up speed about this time of year.
OK that is great and dandy but well I hope we can all take the time to relax at least once a week. By doing so we stay healthier, enjoy the events we toil over more and just have some fun.
So here are a few things I am going to do this week just for myself I would love to know about you.
1. I am gonna have a girls day with my sis where we watch "home for the Holidays" the holly hunter one because it is to funny. This is our kick off to the season.
2. spend one 2-3hr time span getting drunk on hot chocolate and schnapps listening to Christmas carols early and wrapping up presents I already have so they don't loom. Avoiding the 3 a.m. Christmas eve wrap athon. I love wrapping when I have the time to make it pretty and not rush.
3. rake leaves then toss myself in at least once and pray no giant spiders get on me. lol yes I know I am a giant girl.
4. Just give myself time for reading, or writing a little, or maybe even just a nap.
So now my question what can you do to relax over the next week or two. Oh I hope the cats above inspire you to relax they clearly got the know how :)
have a great day all

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Online Christmas Open House Starts Today

Hi all not just tooting my own horn here we have 14 great shops, giveaways and a promotional deal in each shop. I am just so excited. You can get any of my paintings buy one get one free just cover the shipping and so many other folks have awesome stuff and deal to. So here is a link to the giveaway page if you want to enter and get a sneak peak at the items. to find the details or just click the link to the right :) have a great day all.

Friday, November 13, 2009

New art and a little buzz

Howdy all I like once a week to try and show you a little some thing new from my shops and today I am gonna be a little selfish and talk about some thing I am very excited about. On Sunday November 15th a online craftshow my first online craft show is going to begin. You can see a link on the right to read more about it. There is a contest with all the shops. There are 10 shops and we each are doing a give away and a special holiday sale of some kind. Mine is buy any one painting you can pick a second of equal or lesser value free just pay the shipping. I really hope you all can take the time to visit the great shops there is a wide variety and see if you can find a holiday treasure or two. Thanks again and either way have a good time entering the contest who knows you could win the print I am giving away from my shop or one of 9 other awesome items. Have a great day all. Oh the work above will be new to my shop soon.

Thanks Cappy

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday

Hello all it has been a very busy time for me since the last Gratitude Wednesday. So much to be grateful for this week.

1st. is my sweet hubby he has been really getting into the fall spirit with me. Which is hard for him as he is more into the spirit of video games, computers that kind of thing.

2ND. Is For regretsy my image as creepy as it may be is all over facebook, twitter etc and that is just wonderful and bringing lots of new traffic in my art shop. I know that they roast ya but to be honest the comments were a riot and I love to laugh so it was a win win for me.

3rd. I am so excited about the online craft fair starting on the 15Th it will be my first one. and with all these little things coming up I am starting to feel like my little shop maybe getting a little attention.

4Th. For the lovely person who included my painting another one in their squidoo page. While I love regretsy it was nice to have some one want to feature one for being pretty :)

5Th. For My big fat kitty who is made his new trademark to jump on the bed and poke me in the eye. I guess I should take offense but some thing about it is to funny.

6Th. I got a very sweet secret Santa package in the mail with some really nifty stuff inside. I love surprises.
7Th. Was that awesome bracelet I told yall about from Vey Court Cottage
8Th. Oh and yesterday a new dining room set fell into my lap free and its lovely.
I feel so blessed like so much has recently been handed to me I definitely need to make a point to do some giving back asap.

Have a great day yall and please let me know what your grateful for.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Featured Etsy Shop is Vey Court Cottage

Hello all as you know I love to bring you different really pretty shops. Well this is by all means one that falls in that criteria. This shop has tiny treasures with hard to find items. I met this lovely etisan when she wanted a PIF item from my shop. To be sweet she sent me a item as well. I thought I would get a basic trinket and that it was a really sweet gesture. What I got was a gorgeous drop dead stunning little bracelet. IT has a few small crystals for highlights and a vintage china bit with a flower on it that was put into a met heart. The item came wrapped like a tiny present. It even had a tiny card. I am smacking myself for not taking a picture before I opened it. So I thought the least I could do would be expose you to her wonderful shop. I can just imagine how many woman and girls would love a present from the magical little shop underneath the Christmas tree. So if you would like to visit her link is

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Featured On Regretsy

OK so I love Regretsy I normally check it about every or every other day to see whats new to mock on there. Last night I went for my dose of mocking and it was me. There was one of my paintings. I was so excited I started yelling for the hubby. While yes they do mock and insult it cracks me up and the painting they were mocking well it has some very mock able things. Matter of fact it made me laugh till I cried.
I was so thrilled to be on there one it is free publicity and two it is just a comical sight and I love that some one noticed my weird stuff. Have a great day yall. Here is a link if you would like to see Have a good time there the whole place cracks me up.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Art Work

Ok So I would love love love some opinions on this from yall. Truly good or bad. Well I am working on this little miniature winter surreal scene then I realized what a cute back drop it made to photograph my small clay holiday items. I would love to know if you think it works for that. Have a great day all.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday

Hello all as you know each week I like to try and reflect on good things that have gone on from week to week. I love doing it particularly on Wednesday because well mid week can be pretty hum drum so it perks ya up.

So here are my 5 things

1. I am very grateful for the cold weather. I love all the sweaters, blankets, hot cider all that kind of stuff. I think that is what makes fall so romantic.

2. I am grateful for the Halloween party where all the kids were there playing and having fun. Truly those times with family are so important.

3. For waking up with my kitty slapping me to come play. He cracks me up. Also how sweet is he.

4. I am grateful for the dear friend who came by to see me this week. We danced till we could dance no more and laughed till my ribs hurt.

5. For bad movies maybe its just me but how fun is it to mock them :)

Have a great day yall. I would love to know what has you grateful as well.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Things To Try

Hi all this is my random day for posting. I am working on making it a regular schedule for posting on certain days to keep a flow.

So Tuesday Shall be my "New Things Day". Each week I am going to list at least 1 maybe more cool new things I am trying or doing. I would love to know what new things you are doing to. After all variety is the spice of life.

So I am doing a Challenge called Nation Novel Writing Month. A great friend called HowlingCaterpillar on etsy turned me on to it. This is the link if any of you want to give it a whirl.

I joined the Trade-A-Holics. I love to trade and thought why not here is a link if you would like to see my page

I joined a Online craft show see the button to get more information I thought it could be fun.

I am doing a secret Santa swap. Never done one before how fun could that be.

Well that's about all for me what you got going on feel free to leave a link all :) Oh the photo above cracked me up because well I read that as one sign not two hehe.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What The Hell Is That and Monthly update

Hello all this month we will be donating almost $20.00 to be exact $19.20 dollars to a animal rescue. This month I am going to give it to the Alton 5As. I will be taking it there tomorrow along with some free samples of cat food my kitties just don't need. So thank you to all of you who made that possible.
Now on to the horrible ornament above. Well what can I say it started out a gingham Christmas tree. When that did not pan out I tried my hand at fabric paint to make a dolls face. In stead it looks more like a creepy checkered blob. I like to try to finish items even if they are not going well so that I learn from them how to best save the situation. This thing is just god awful ugly and I thought why not share a laugh with every one.
My hubby saw it he is my barometer often of if things are as ugly as I think. I casually sat it with the fall pillows on a old wood chest. He sat down to watch TV and his eyes fixed on it. He said to me. What is that horrible thing that looks like it is saying "Oh shit some one is at the door!" then there was a creative comment I cant remember about how its eyes followed you. So enjoy and laugh away all.
Oh if any one is interested I made a large clearance section in my shop many paintings half off and more.
Have a great day all.