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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Blue Moon

Hello all I just wanted to stop in and wish every one a inspired, prosperous and joyful new year. I hope it is filled with great new adventures, crazy fun and wonderful inspiration. Happy New year.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday and 1926

OK so I have had a really great week. Christmas was awesome and New years is looking good. This is my favorite time to make big changes and I am one of those people who find resolutions helpful.
But I do have one really cool thing I want to share. I opened a vintage shop a while back and let go of some of my collection of all things lovely and old there. Well going over some older papers I had collected I found this. I bought it for $1.00 when I was about 20.
That was 11 year ago sigh hehe.
It is a Christmas news letter of sorts from a import company. Now here is the kicker the whole thing is a journal including photographs of a woman who went on a 5 month world trip on one of the import company ships.
So I started reading it and thought about women and how much we have accomplished and still have yet to go and have decided to share it all here.
So I am sharing the cover today and in a few days I will share a few paragraphs at a time and the images inside. The whole thing is so old it is starting to crumble and I just feel I need to save what I can of it.
The whole idea of a globe trotting ship trip and a woman in that era setting of on such a adventure has me enthused as can be to read it. I hope you all want to share in it to.
Now as for the gratitude list.
1. For finding this paper always nice to be reminded any one can do any thing or damn near if we really try.
2. For the pretty snow that is falling. I love just staring at it. I think it may be magic and have me under a spell.
3. For my poor hubby who is currently sick as a dog. I had to tell the man he was not wrong for missing a day of work. How effective can one be when shaking cold, head pounding and vomiting.
4. For my new house shoes they are ruby colored and furry. I giggle every time I see them.
5. For my sweet kitties who are driving me batty at the moment.
Have a good one yall.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Introducing The Toe Jams

Well I have painted yet another completely ridiculous painting and just had to share it with all of you. I have been listening to tons of oldies music recently. One day when wiggling my feet to the music and OK maybe drinking a little the idea for this painting smacked me in the head. I am sure other versions have been done but I just had to do my take.
I am thinking of having a series where they tour the globe. Some how I find them really cute. I hope this has made you laugh a little. Have a great day all.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A very kitty christmas was had by all

Well at least it was here. This is the kitties enjoying their new fort, cube what ever you want to call it.
We had a little snow just enough to make it a white Christmas, lots of laughs, time with good friends and family, life has just been grand. It was a simple Christmas that may be one of my favorites ever.
I hope you all had just as much fun.
So today I start figuring out my goals for the coming year. A few of them I know are to do way more promotion for my little shops, get a better stock in each of my shops, and about a million personal ones which God help you all I will probably slowly share here.
Today my goal is to make some clam chowder, and start drawing up my plans for the cappy corporations moves next year. I hope you all have a great day and get a giggle at this photo. I think my favorite part is the little face sticking out from behind the fort.
See yall

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday And Merry Christmas

Hello all I put up a picture of a few of my favorite Christmas decorations. I wanted to do my last pre Christmas post and share some thing I love with yall.
OK I am going to do a double gratitude list as there are just so many things I am grateful for right now.
1. I am grateful for having a home and warmth and my big Christmas concern being did I get enough wrapping paper. So many right now are without warm places to be, food let alone presents for little ones.
2. I am grateful for my family and friends both human and furry. They really make this time special.
3. For the small of candy canes I love it and it is always better when you smell it on pine.
4. for the events I have gotten to do and the ones that we have planned for the holidays.
5. For the items we have collected over the years that keep loved ones past and happy memories so close to us.
6. For Christmas caroling when drunk omg it is to much fun.
7. For all the Christmas cards from scattered friends that I love to collect.
8. for getting some good news business wise that I am excited about.
9. For the laughter that comes with this time of the year.
10. For Christmas cookies I am always grateful for Christmas cookies hehe.
I hope you all have a great holiday and will see you on the 26Th. Please post what your grateful for.
Merry Christmas and what ever else you may celebrate

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Do You See What I See

I Just love this photo and wanted to share it. She cracks me up because this is her face all the time. She is the smallest kitty and runs the big boys all over. Yep she has first claim on the milk ring when playing.
Any how it is a little snowy here and I am so excited that we are most likely getting snow for Christmas.
So I wanted to come on and share one my favorite Christmas memories.
This was a year or so after the great flood of 1993. We had moved into a new home. It is a huge ranch style and my mother loved it. So with our giant high ceilings and her general love of all things celebratory she told me she wanted us to go get a really big tree.
So off we went to buy one from a local church that uses the money to fund charitable programs they do threw the year.
We bring home this giant tree and my mom about 50 was very sweet and helped me get it in the stand all that stuff.
We put on Christmas music and my sister is getting out ornaments all is well. As we get to the end of the decorating my mom who is a good 4 inches taller than me at the time happily smiles and says she will put on the Christmas tree topper.
So she reaches up a couple of times and tries but with the broadness of the tree it just is not happening. Then I guess after seeing to many cartoons and thinking it would just flip back up she grabs the tree a few feet from the top and just bends it over. Pops on the topper and lets it go. So the topper is now pointed almost straight out from the tree.
Bless her heart my mom turns red embraced and tries to just act like it is not happening. Me being the evil little soul that I am cannot leave the tree mutilation alone. I look at it and her trying to look off and start belting out "Do you see what I see. A tree a tree bent by a lunatic" At which point my mother starts laughing so hard she starts choking.
She had to sit down and use her asthma medication.
Afterwords she was wiping her tears of laughter and trying to explain that she thought it would just pop back up.
I suggested she not get her beliefs from cartoons.
So now even though she has been gone for a long time now ever time I hear that Christmas song "Joy To The World" I bust up laughing thinking of our mangled tree.
So what are some of your favorite Christmas memories.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cameras Are How I See My World

So I am using a image of a camera from my vintage shop. But the whole point of this little post is to say I think it is awesome how we all see the world a little different. For me I am always following the way light and shadow lay on things. I love if a color is almost over vibrant and have to stand and watch it.
If I can see a group of people caught up in what they are doing I am drawn in taking mental snippets in my mind for later art work.
One of my favorite things is to catch in some way some thing invisible to the naked eye. Like the wind moving leaves, some thing so aged the history of it is clearly there while not visible.
So my question is how do you see the world?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gratitude Wdenesday

Hi all I wanted to do my Wednesday Gratitude list and see what you all have cooking.

1. I am spending the 3rd day in a row doing projects with my hubby and so far neither of us has threatened murder on the other hehe.
2. I just got featured on a awesome blog how cool is that.
3. For the wonderful time I have had making new things recently I have just had a ball.
4. For my sister bringing over some awesome fudge yesterday.
5. For all the great shops and customers I have recently got to work with.
6. For Christmas music I am still loving it way to much hehe.
Take care yall and let me know what your grateful for this week. Oh I hope you all like the picture of the stuffed animals and my kitty. My mother gave me those so I sewed them little out fits from her clothes mostly and put them out at the holidays. Except Alf that is my cats uhm romantic partner.
thanks all

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Featured Etsy Shop StitchesOfThePast And the Youngest

Hello all as you know I love to feature Etsy shops that have a real style and class. This shop has just such a atmosphere. It is run by a young lady known as Stitches to her friends. She is in her teens and her parents keep her a shop on Etsy. Her love of sewing shows as all her work looks impeccable. I myself have designs on getting one of those bonnets for the next spring gardening.
To be honest it was not till a few months ago that I found out she was a teen. While other teens can easily be found because of their behavior this young lady carries herself in such a way I had no idea until I read her profile.
Her Period style items are just amazing I am 31 and can barely sew her items look like she has done it for 100 years. I think she is just a prime example of dignity and I would be so proud if my child turned out like her so I wanted to share her shop with you.
I hope you check her out I featured some of my favorite items above but do look she clearly can make many styles and puts lots of love in what she does. So any how her is her shop
Have a great day all

Monday, December 14, 2009

Some Thing To Make You Smile

Howdy all I am spending the next few days hanging with the husband and wanted to leave you with this comical little message. I sewed this shocker huh. The saying came when a friend said some thing totally different to me and this is what I heard. Bitchy Gnomes are now blamed for left out food, knocked over items, missing keys and used as a general threat of retaliation in our home . May your gnomes be less bitchy hehe.
see ya all in couple days

Saturday, December 12, 2009

So Am I Crazy?

Howdy all. As you all know my blog is usually comical and light hearted. Well today I wish to discuss a topic that effects us all frozen pizza. OK so you know this is still gonna be comical right.
So here is the story. Last night pretty late me and the hubs settle on have a snack. We make a Tony's Pizza. It is supposed to be a supreme. OK sounds good. Well when I open it to put it in the stove I noticed for about the 3rd time running I have spotted that I got 4 freaking pepperoni on my pizza.
I find that some how disturbing as we usually cut a pizza into 6 slices so clearly it will be short some where. So I think look down at the box and to my surprise they show 6 or 7 pepperoni we are still debating that on the pizza.
My thought is what the hell why show it with 7 pepperoni if your going to short change us. Really I mean a supreme pizza has 4 lousy pepperoni. Maybe you could stop having sales and shell out for the extra two pepperoni.
So having desire to share this feeling with Tony's I call them. It was 12 a.m. my time when I called. According to the automated system all the pizza reps were currently busy with other customers.
This led me to one of 3 conclusions and I would love to know which you think it is.
1. The only customer rep they have is a former circus clown with a drinking problem who cannot handle the phone.
2. Way more people then I suspect ever would are calling in at 12 a.m. to bitch about their pizza.
3. My personal favorite. They just don't give a crap and don't even have any customer service agents.
I may call back tonight to see how long I wait to talk to a person. After a couple minutes of waiting last night my anger fizzled and I thought it would be more fun to share it with you.
So I hope you have had a good laugh.
Tony's I issue a challenge to you. Stop screwing us over on the pepperoni.
thanks all

Friday, December 11, 2009

Holy Crap It Is Cold

Hello all sadly I am up way to early again. Which usually leads to me talking of all kinds of crazy stuff. Last time was the mass bird migration that took place. Well no fear no birds today just a little art project I thought I would share along with some holiday ideas.

So I found this large steel decorative bowl at the thrift shop it was scratched up pretty bad. So I painted it white then did a very primitive holly in the middle. I love it. Works great for keys at a party. Also great for putting out holiday nuts etc. Just a cheap easy idea of a one of a kind decoration. Took me about a hour total except the dry time. Oh I did glaze it to keep the paint from chipping. I gave mine a very rough look because I like that but you could make it as modern as you like.

So here are a couple of other fun season pass times ideas. Get a photo album then get copies of a few of your favorite holiday images and make one master book. On with every one at some very happy moment. My nieces and nephews love the one I have because they remember those moments.

The second idea if you have pets acquire a Santa hat, antlers, what ever then start clicking they may not appreciate it but hey do you really appreciate those ornaments being stripped from your tree.

Have a great day yall.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Featured Artist Marinebiochic

OK So you all know I love to bring you great shops. This one is fabulous. She makes Crochet items and her husband makes lovely jewelry. So here is the story of why I brought you this wonder crafty ladies shop.
I need a gift for my tween niece. She hates every thing little girl being 13 going on 40. Her current obsession is twilight. Well when I saw Marinebiochics gloves I thought hmm lovely colors I can get the all sacred black which my niece loves being a goth and all hehe.
So I contacted Marinebiochic and got a fast transaction going.
The communication was great. Very quickly the item shows up at the door. I loved them so much it was all I could do to resist being the victim of unbridled greed and keeping them for myself.
When My niece showed up and I gave her the gloves she flipped for them. Apparently they reminded her of some a girl in twilight wore. So then she comes home from school and calls me to inform me that they were very popular and thank me again.
So immediately I thought hmm why not share this fabulous shop for all of you out there. The items are great for any one.
Best of all she works with animals in her day job hence the Marine Bio part. Oh and she is part of the Tradeaholics team. Her shop and warm personality along with the wonderful items she and her hubby make made it mandatory that I show you this shop.
So here is a link for her the shop so you can see for yourself

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday And Monsters

So this week there is so much I am grateful for that I am very excited to share . I hope reading this makes you feel gratitude for the great things in your life and you note them some where yourself. Feel free to post some here I love to read them.
So this week I am grateful for my lovely new camera which helped me take a picture of my first monster I created. I have been wanting to for some time. This is Foaming Frank and I think he may be put on the Christmas tree to annoy my husband.
I am also very grateful for my father. Many years we were at odds but then some days he calls me up with the best jokes and we really get along well. The older he gets the happier I am we have found some middle ground. Oddly he has become one of my biggest supporters for my arts and crafts.
I am grateful for the warm house on a cold cold windy day the windchill is in the single digits and it is so nice to be bundled up in doors.
I am grateful for my friends especially those who invite me to crazy themed Christmas parties and make me laugh all night.
I am grateful for Christmas carols and Christmas lights my favorite holiday season pass time is to combine the two.
Have a great day yall and let me know what you are grateful for.

Monday, December 7, 2009

We Finally Got Snow !!!!

Well it has been a lovely couple of days hanging with the husband. Last night we finally got a light pretty sticking snow. Of course it was gone by morning but who cares I got to freeze my toes of in it when it came down. Just wanted to share that happy thought with ya and show off a ornament I am going to put in my art shop. I would love opinions good or bad.

Have a great day


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Featured Etsy Shop is Dreamboats

So as you all know I love to share great shops. This is one I have really wanted to shed some light on for some time. Dreamboats has a shop with nightlights that are just stunning. His lights are not some thing just for children's rooms. They could be great anywhere and set a really lovely mood.

Dreamboats makes nightlights of boats which is fitting seeing as how he lives on a boat in Ireland. Clearly his fascination with the water has shown up in many parts of his life. The time and love he puts into creating each item is obvious. Having met in the etsy chat rooms and become fast friends I can tell you he truly worries that every item is perfect.

Another interesting thing about Dreamboats shop is he sells is items in a very creative way. In this day and age hearing of any kind of honor system is almost nonexistent. He puts up many of his pieces for a minimal fee then says pay me what you think they are worth. His faith in the good of people and his skills at creating truly beautiful nightlights make him one of my favorite shops.

I also love that his nightlights are plenty masculine and have fans such as my husband. It is really a treat to find some thing on etsy that is so guy friendly this time of the year. So if the pictures above intrigue you here is a link to his shop . Also don't be shy just write him if you have questions. I assure you he is very friendly :)

Thanks for your time


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday and Monthly Update

Howdy all before I start the whole gratitude part of my post I wanted to say we will be donating about $21.00 to a shelter this month. I have to do the exacts so it could be a dollar less or more. But thank you for making that possible. It might not be tons but I figure every little bit helps.
Now on to the gratitude part.
1. I am very grateful for being a part of the craft show it was fun and I met some very nice friends.
2. The possible light snow tonight. Yes it makes the roads a mess and slows every one down. While of course I wish to see no one hurt I love the slowing down and the insta pretty it adds to every thing.
3. For my Christmas tree it is a real one from the lot we love to hit a family owned one. I love all the sentiment with each ornament like the ones we made when we first got married and were poor as church mice. Then the fun ones like the "Oh shit some one is at the door" doll which I just had to put on there.
4. My awesome husband seeing that yet again I was dreaming and poked him in the eye so hard it was red and icky yesterday and he still is always sweet about it. I think I would lose my patience dealing with a sleepwalker/poker hehe.
5. For the person who made up the Regretsy elves that has made me laugh so hard several times now. To me any thing that can make you laugh is good.
So there is some other stuff but I will spare ya and save it for the journal hehe.
Have a great day all.