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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Freedom versus Security

I often wonder about this topic when I see things like the airport scanners they are rolling out and hear how people are being treated like they are dangerous for saying no I will not go through that but will submit to the regular search. So many freedoms seem to be just disappearing I mean all the checks and balances for what had to be done to get a wire tap or to do many things to Citizens have all but vanished under the blanket of National security.
I think I am going to have to really start investigating and reporting back what I see going on out there. I have tried to keep my blog about my little world of art, pets and family but anymore I am horrified that it could become easier to just focus on that and ignore the militant state we seem to be bordering a little closer each day.
So I will just ask. What do you consider the limit of value to security versus your personal freedom. I know my views are far more on the side of personal freedom than on the idea of security which I suspect is lacking any how. Let me know yours and I will come back next week with a topic and some figures.
Talk to me

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Places To Shop For The Holidays List

I hope your all enjoying Manger Christmas Village kitty above. I wanted to do a list this year of the great places to shop. So here are some places I think you can get really unique and wonderful items at.
I am going to start the list with a shop owned by a person I adore who is making me a custom item for the holidays right now the shop has dinosaur wallets, beautiful jewelry all kinds of cool stuff.
We also have this shop has tons of pretty baubles and beaded bouquets.
This place has very nifty led candles great for those times when actual flames are inconvenient and other goodies as well.
Then if you want to bring a little extra giggle I offer you Soaphyho and her adult novelty soaps sure to bring some chuckles and keep things cheery.
Here is a shop full of gorgeous art work and clay I love her stuff and just drool over it.
Kits shop is a very wide variety shop she has jewelry, art work and is very well known for her lovely and beautiful bottles
Then for the most comical people on your list I offer you The Worst Shop Ever now that is the name not my opinion. My opinion is that these people are insane and hilarious so my favorite kind of people. You can find every thing from Mommie dearest magnets to comical cross stitch and every thing in between.
This shop is super special to me it is owned by a very brave and chuckle inducing woman I know. It has hair pins, Barret's all with a girlish fun feel and a light mood
For the treat lover I have a high end chocolate shop with gorgeous goodies
Then a super sweet lady who has her own blog with knitting patterns and just general sweetness
So this is my best of the best if you want something really special this year these are my suggestions.
Feel free to leave any other great suggestions you have on this post.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Creative Idea for the broke around the holidays

The holidays can be great and have lots of fun wonderful memories but many people feel overwhelmed and like they need to get super gifts for everyone not realizing most of their loved ones will just be happy they thought of them. When we were first married many a loved one got a Christmas cookie sampler box. I still get request for those boxes.

So here is something I learned and wanted to share.

I went to the thrift store the other day looking for several items and saw a bunch of holiday stuff out. My hubs found me this exact item in box just as shown here I love my holiday village as you all know I ranted about it last year and my glee. So we grabbed it. Then a friend saw it and said wow you got that at the thrift shop. So I checked. I got this for $5.00 at the thrift shop. So I started thinking about how many times we think oh no I would never get anyone a gift from the thrift shop. We all expect all gifts from there to be more like this. Horrible dough and doily hell you see at the top.
So this seemed like a good time to remind myself and everyone there are some great bargains to be had there and it could take the weight off this holiday season.
Let me know your tricks I will be sharing more over the season.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and stuff

Well I am grateful for so much this week I am not even sure where to begin. I am grateful for the cool weather because frankly Fall was starting to piss me off.
I am grateful that sales have really picked up because I need to buy some new glasses so that will help a lot.
I am grateful for all the laughter many of my friends bring and for people like the lovely April Winchell who runs Regretsy and gives us all a great venue to laugh and do charity help be it big or small on our parts. That means a lot. For instance I could not big or even buy a painting from the current charity effort but I could donate a few bucks directly to the family. If you would like to see here is a link.
I am grateful for hot coffee in the morning with out I would never make it out of bed.
I am grateful for all my furry babies.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Work In Progress

So a week or so ago I started wondering what you could do with iron on transfers. So I went to work. I finally came up with this. I do not like the whole canvas covered but only part. Then if after cool you add a clear workable fixative it holds paint the same as the canvas. I also add a layer of glaze now and then in the layers of paint because it works almost like a little back light. So this is how my mind works. These folks will be zombies when I am done. They are also my great great grand parents I made the image from a portrait of them. So what new things have you tried I would love to hear.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Moms Birthday Happy Memories

This painting was inspired by a episode when I was a kid. My mom was like a lamb in with the lions. We were all just shifty children with dark little hearts just like my father. Our idea of humor was most anything we could pull off. My mother was much kinder and gentler. She endured eggs in shoes, sharpie mustaches, vicks vapo rub on everything, soap in her soda, shoe traps, and just in general way more than I could with out killing my kids.
Today is her birthday she has been gone a good while now. I think she would like me to share this injustice she suffered because through all of it she found the humor.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday And Pumpkins

There are so many things to be grateful for in this life. I am going to stick to just 5 today so no one gets exhausted reading my rantings.
1. For the pumpkin date my husband and I had last night. It involves drinking and crafting the above is our handy work.
2. For fall there is nothing about fall I do not like.
3. For the wonderful inspiration I have been lucky enough to have in over abundance the last few weeks. Nothing is better than always wanting to create. At least to me.
4. I am super grateful that my father has opted to go to a dentist for a bad tooth as opposed to just yanking it himself. We had to have the discussion of Dad your not a pioneer go to the dentist but now at least I will not worry.
5. For my wonderful friends who make me laugh all the time.
So what are you grateful for.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shiny new give away

So here is the new big shiny giveaway. I am filling this purse with one new item a day to be listed each day on my FB fan page. You can enter the drawing to win it by doing any one these things.
1. following the Fan page and commenting on the new item each day. only the first comment counts.
2. Send your friends to the page if they like it and post that you sent them that is another entry.
3. Any one who buys any thing from any of my etsy shops gets a entry.
4. Be a fan page fan and comment here if you tell me who you are it will count as a entry as well. again only one per post.
5. There will be questions periodically that you can leave one answer to and that will count as a entry as well.
6. Twitter my shop or fan page or one of my items I will search for anything with the word Cappysue and it if is one of those things it will count as a entry. Again one a day.
I am going to draw on the 29th of October. You do need to live in the United States because well this could get heavy and I cannot afford to be shipping all over the world.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Back like a bad penny

So I have had so much I want to do the last few months time just seems to slip away from me. What happens is I find myself straying from one mostly finished thing to the next. This is the time for me to make a plan and get back into my list making. I will see you tomorrow with something coherent.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday I will be grateful damnit.

I picked this little ring to display because I wanted to work on that whole silver lining thing. I woke up today in a very non grateful place. In the middle of the night I was having some kind of monster fighting nightmare. When I lunged in my dream to stab the monster I lunged in real life flat out of the bed onto the floor and hurt my knee. What made me really cranky is I had big plans all worked out of how I was going to sew next week but mostly paint this week for a show I have coming up. So as I felt all sorry for myself I wanted to kick my own ass and bucked up. I have no idea if this was just a weird thing that happened or if maybe next week I will have some extra painting inspiration. What I do know is I am not going to sit and do nothing. There will be some sewing like I am on a mission going on till this clears up. After all I do this about 3-4 times a year.
So here is my gratitude list.
1. For my friend who when I told her some thing I was going to send her would go out late was perfectly sweet and mostly trying to make me laugh about the knee.
2. That my sister had the sense to tell my dad he did not have allergies he was sick so they should not come over this week. See there is always a way it could be worse.
3. That I am already getting little spooky things happening I love this season.
4. That I got lots of fabric so I should not run out of things to do.
5. for my wonderful husband who could not be any sweeter.
so what are you all grateful for.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween Decoration Lots of Fun

This is some thing I am sure many people have done but me and a kid did this one and have had a ball. I took 2 small cardboard boxed and cut out the roof and used the other as a base. I hot glued the roof and all the add ons. one coat of black craft paint and we glued some sheer bright fabrics inside the windows. My friends 10 yr old helped me with this it took us about 5 minutes to decorate it. I had already done the box cutting and painting it black.
I am hoping to have a few more little kids over and we are going to add the finishing touches. If you cut a small hole in the back and run a little village lite in there you have your own fun one of a kind spooky house. I thought this might be a fun idea for the fall as a family craft you can make it super elaborate or very simple. Best of all if you love it you can keep it and pull it out each year if not scrap it and make a new one the next year.
Hope you all like this idea. Also if your not super crafty any major discount store has tons of stuff you could nab to use as add ons.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time for Fall

As you all know I am ever so addicted to all things fall. That would be why I did a giant painting of trick or treaters. I love all the stuff that is coming the cider, smell of pumpkins, rustle of pretty fall leaves and it is all almost here. Hopping up and down like a 5yr old and getting ready to go work on a special project.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunshine, Coffee and Favorites

It is a little after 7 here and I have a little stack of soon to be sewn items sitting next to me. I spent most of the last half hour just sitting outside with coffee enjoy the 50 degree weather with the sun coming up and drinking coffee. It is a gorgeous morning and nothing keeps me grounded like watching a lovely morning like that unfold.
Now this goofy thing you see above is something I made as a Halloween decoration. I love to try new weird items and I like this enough it may just go up in my shop. Over the last year or so to be honest since I have fallen in with the Regretsy and the Trade group on Etsy I have felt a weird sense of liberation for my crazy. Both groups have been very supportive of making things outside the box. While I had always done that anyway because it is just my natural state I just feel very blessed to know people who still want to see skill and effort but as well a real point of view.
Seeing the works of friends on every thing from giant oil paintings to the friend who makes tutus has been really inspiring. I have no idea what the hell I am ranting about just saying I guess that I love all the creative people in my life. They are my favorites.
Well off to do some listing and sew some stuff.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

What The Hell is this ? And some new plans.

Well this is a very bad message board. Ok so it has a magnet at the top I guess that does not make it a message board. What it is is just a crazy item I kept working on well past the point of WTF till finally some how I sensed it was done. Every once in a while I make some thing so blindingly bad that it makes me laugh just to walk by it. This is one of those times.
So I hope seeing this makes you burst into laughter as well.
As for my new plans well it has occurred to me yet again there is so much more I want to do in the world so I am going to cut back on my online muck abouts and focus on the things I want to do. I am going to give me self more time to write here as well. I miss posting more regular.
good night and giggles

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Morning And Allusion

We got up at 6 this morning. I was up till almost 2 but when I saw this sunrise I had to come watch. I have been working on relaxing and soaking up some good energy so when I was watching this lovely sunrise I thought I should get some pictures of my new paintings.
I loved the light so much I took this photo from inside my sun porch. Well as you can see the curtain looks beige. In truth it is white as a bone. So this got me thinking about how often some thing will look one way but actually be another. It can still be beautiful all the same but that also got me thinking about which is the allusion. Then I thought I might need more coffee.
have a great weekend

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday And a How to

well the above is a very simple ornament you could make it way more festive. I made it out of a little chip wood oval, paint and a couple of jewelry bits. Now I made it super simple because I am trying to get some very plain ornaments for a small tree we put in out bedroom. This bear was on a old gift card package from a store. My Grandmother had written on it so I was having trouble figuring out what to do with it. I also loved the bear. So I made this out of it. I think she would like it and you could do this with bits of any cool paper keepsake. on the back is the part where she wrote my hubbys name and hers. Took 5 minutes and I love it.
Now for the gratitude list.
1. I am grateful that no matter what happens in this world the good the bad the bland what ever my husband has been with me in this life. Can you guess he got pretty sick this week and worried me. I am sure he is fine but it still is just a reminder of how much I adore him.
2. That my dad is getting ready for another birthday. He is crazy and drives me mad. The man thinks the computer is magic and is pretty sure I have fallen and died any time he calls and I do not answer by the 3rd ring. But again I adore him too.
3. For all the wonderful people from the critiques to the helping hands and the wonderful fans and customers that I have gotten in my little art world goals. No matter how much I paint till my hands feel like they want to fall off or work on a little craft till my fingers are full of needle pokes. I love this and am grateful for any time I get to spend doing it.
4. For the fact this horrible heat wave appears to be gone. Neither me nor my electric bill had any love for that crap.
5. For music. Right now I have Billy Swan, Abba, Abagail Washburn and about a million other songs at my finger tips. I love it.
So what are you grateful for?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday My heart is over flowing

This has been a great few weeks. Just when the summer heat wave slump was hitting me full force things started cropping up. I got into Strangefolk art festival which I adore. Then Bronwyn contacted me to be in her exhibit which is like a freaking dream. To top it off I have had 3 sales in the last 2 days and one request from a person whom I drool over their work to possibly trade. S0 here is a link to the show it starts tomorrow. If you live near Brooklyn, NY and would like to go. I know there will be lots of other artist there some I am new to and some I have adored for some time. So here is a link so you can see whats what
Now on to the Gratitude list.
1. I am grateful that this heat wave appears to be heading to a end. I would really like it if the last thing I say is not "It is so Fu@#*** hot"
2. I am grateful very grateful for the opportunity and chances that have come to me the last few years from Regretsy to Etsy to Strangefolk to Bronwyn and many other to many to mention. I know I can do a lot by myself if I work really hard but truly am so grateful for the fact they took the time to work with me.
3. I am grateful that my fat old dogs stopped panting after I gave them a super short hair cut. They look awful but they are cooler.
4. I am grateful for my sister who is a little older than me and has always been my role model of you can do any thing just start working at it. I see here now trained and doing composites for the police taking classes getting certified to do post mortem reconstruction on heads. Yes apparently creepy runs in the family but I am so grateful to have had her around all these years and hope to do so for many more.
5. For my family from my nieces and nephews to my husband to my pets. They all just make this world a fun place to be.
so what are you grateful for this week?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Give Away Name My Ugly

Ok this is a pretty easy contest. I love to make little dolls and such from time to time. What started out as a cupcake plush went to hell in a hand basket. I can never leave a project unfinished so I went to work finishing it off. Your job is easy just give me a name for this horrible little stitched up doom.
The rules are easy you can enter as many names as you like from now-Wednesday. I will write them all down then pick out my top 5 favorites. I will let the husband chose the winner and the runner up. All you do is tell me the name and make sure you either are a fan on Facebook or a follower here.
I will announce the winner Thursday. First place gets the Regretsy inspired Snark Gun. This giveaway is not affiliated with Regretsy I just love it and know a lot of my friends do as well.

Those are a couple of picks of this odd little item for the grand prize. The runner up will recieve the ugly little monster I made.
Thanks so much for reading
Cappy!/pages/Cappy-Sue-Creations/235915893882 so you can see the facebook page.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

You know early means crazy

Howdy all I popped these earrings up because I am just liking them and wanted to share. It is ungodly early which means I usually ramble. Today I have a question. I would like to do another kind of giveaway some thing to combine my blog page with my facebook fan page some thing to get more interaction going. So here is my Fan page if you would like to see it and as well I would love some ideas of what kinds of giveaways you would like to see whats happening.!/pages/Cappy-Sue-Creations/235915893882 I am determined to come up with some kind of weird giveaway in the next few days.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday

Hi all this is my painting called the tomato lover. I painted this thinking about my grand and the 1000 other very senior ladies I remember as a kid who wore little house dresses and stockings at their knees because they had water on their legs and about a million other little issues. They never let that keep them from those gardens though. I love that determination and wanted to do my best to show it.
So I have tons tons I say to be grateful for.
1. I am grateful a woman who I have been a fan of Bronwyn Keenan bought not one but 2 of my paintings to put in the first exhibit she has chosen to curate in some time. I have been screaming and howling like a goof for a week now. The show is being supported by Etsy as well and will be going to Berlin later. This will be the first time one of my paintings has made it that far for a show of any kind. Here is a link if you would like to see the artist in it.
2. I am grateful for my sweet husband who never stops trying. He decided to do some thing sweet and made me breakfast in bed one day. Now he had some issues which made it hilarious a small grease fire and some thing bad happened to my coffee creamer but hey after 8yrs of marriage the fact he still does sweet stuff makes me adore him and my stinky kitchen.
3. I am grateful for the fact I sewed some thing and it actually came out looking as planned. Sweet Jesus I never thought that would happen.
4. That my pets and me are all just enjoying the heat wave in our house with fans and AC. Air conditioning is very special to me at the moment.
5. For bad movies, music all that stuff. It all makes for great inspiration.
So as always talk to me people what are you grateful for?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and Nightline

So I have all kinds of things I want to share today from the small to the big. First this bag above is one of several Halloween bags I am working on for a craft fair in September. If you want to see them in my shop just let me know.
Now I have lots I want to tell you about that I am grateful for this week.
1. I am grateful that when our car started acting ugly again it cost very little to get it fixed. I immediately get a sick feeling at the pit of my stomach when it acts weird at all like it is on deaths door. I need to stop doing that but I am still so happy just the same.
2. I am grateful for the small breaks in heat we have been having. I have some serious issues when it gets super hot with being outside. I burn like a chicken in a BBQ to steal a country line. So these wonderful cooler days have let me have some mucking around time.
3. I am grateful that when my dog who had her butt act up yet again seems to be recovering fine and is mainly concerned with when they will be getting their next pig feet.
4. I am grateful as often is mentioned to April Winchell who created Regretsy. Her the book, and several really great and unique artist and crafters were on Nightline last night. I am so happy and proud of them. Think she is so sweet and glad to see her getting the credit she deserves. Then as a extra sweet bonus the book that I am in her book was featured to which is always good for business.
5. I am soo grateful for this yesterday I was cutting down some over grown shrubbery and saw some thing move. I almost tree trimmed a poor little Garter snake. They are harmless and eat any thing from insect to mice I think so I did not want to do it any harm. I picked it up by the tail and moved it out of my bushes where it could slide off under the porch. I would of felt terrible if I had hurt it.

So what are you grateful for and here is the link to the Nightline bit if you would love to see these fun funny folks

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rainbows are my new role model

I took this photo after a storm last week. I have had it in my mind constantly. I realized that what I love about rainbows is that they shine in dark skies. They are surrounded by myths of absurd to cute. They are known to be lucky and are just flat out pretty. So I am going to do my best to gather these qualities in myself. I shall start wearing reflective clothing, going out with short people and making my dogs wear little fake horns when we walk. Then to send it over the top I shall make a big fuzzy dice necklace what could be more lucky than that. I hope this adventure into the nonsensical land of absurd was fun :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and Bits of the past

The above photo is of my great great grand parents. They were farmers and raised lots of children. They adopted a child when they already had 8 of their own. The Mrs. was very outspoken on womans rights and from all acounts they fawned over my mother like she was a cherub. I have a lot of photos of relatives like this and family items that have been handed down. This week my goal has been to get more of them out there to be seen. I often have the feeling these faces from the past look over us and I want to respect that. So I am grateful for these fragments of them to keep them alive in our hearts. I love the idea that your never really go if some one remembers you.
This is my grandmothers grammar school diploma. It has her name on the back in my great grandmothers handwriting. I love it and have had it for 2 years sitting in a box. Now when I see it I am instantly reminded of my grandmothers tales of her youth. I am even working on a journal of those stories so they will live on past me and not be forgotten. So I am grateful for the fact that putting this stuff out has reminded me that every thing is small in a way. That no problem is really as big as it seems at the moment.
now other things I am grateful for are.
3. I am grateful for getting in Stangefolk this year. I loved it the first year and cannot wait to see all the booths and have a ball.
4. I am grateful that my husband had a vacation day and we really just relaxed and had a good time. I figure we are pretty lucky been married 8 together 10 years and we still love a day alone together.
5. I am grateful for my friend Bindi and my sister who both knowing my love of snail mail have sent me fun stuff this week.
So what are you grateful for?

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Howdy all I have had a very good couple of days and wanted to share the news. First a reporter did a story about this horrible new filter that could lead to total mature censorship on Etsy. Here is a link to the story please pass it around to any one you can. I think those that shop there really need to know what is going on.
I am ever so grateful to this woman for doing the story but I did want to point out one thing. I did mention Ghettos and that some one did compare it in the thread to WWII but no I did not. While I think all Censorship is horrible it is not comparable to genocide. However we talked a lot and I talk fast so I am still so happy she did a great job with the story.

On way less important news but still very cool I got into the Strangefolk Festival for september. Links and how to visit if you can coming soon.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and Some More home Fix ups

This was the next step in the house redecoration project I have been doing for some time now. I took down the dark 70s fabric curtains that did not give as much privacy and were so old they had worn out wholes in them and I put up all white sheers. They give some privacy but also make the sun porch like a light box perfect for taking my photos.
These are the old curtains ick going in the trash tonight.
Now on with the gratitude list.
1. I am grateful for the dragonfly I saw last night. I think they are a sign of good luck and cannot wait to see what happens.
2. I am grateful for my sweet husband who cannot help but tell the truth for instance when he saw a accident at work he was apparently the only person out of about 50 that would tell the police what he saw. Gotta love a honest guy.
3. I am grateful for the fun and freedom that comes with changing up your home. I cannot wait till it cools off and I can go enjoy my sun porch more now that is looks way prettier.
4. I am grateful for music last night I listened to about 30 oldies and just could not stop smiling. There is nothing I enjoy more than music. Well except maybe getting frisky but I will keep the blog pg.
5. I am grateful for good coffee, sweet friends, family, pets, the feeling the God however you see God is watching out for me.
Off to enjoy the day
love cappy
ps. What are you grateful for?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little Things Make A House A Home

So any Normal person looking at this would probably see a random collage of crap. I see that to but it is my crap so that's OK. I have forever been trying to get this bookcase to look perfect. When I finally realized that was just not going to happen because I wanted it personal and person is rarely perfect it started to work.
I pulled out our memorabilia boxes. The ones with the stuff that is weird but you just have to have it. I also pulled out those family heirlooms that do not match any thing so you keep them hidden away. So those 2 things have built a home here in my bookcase and I love it. I put contact paper on the bottom of the shelf and scrapbook paper in a white embossed patter on the back to give it a real pop.
The top shelf has the family bible which I list every one including like family members in as they go. All kinds of old records and papers I have collected. Some bookends my sister painted for me. All things I love and hold dear.
The second shelf has our wedding photo, my grandfathers mug, my 3 stooges plate because it was one of the first things me and the hubby liked. A car the hubby made as a kid, a Spam can he made into a belt buckle as a gag because many moons ago that was his nickname. Seeing those little things makes me smile every time I pass by. So nights like tonight when it has been a long few days and I feel a little low it is wonderful to look over and see these little things.
Would love to know what you do to make your house a home.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday Wonderful Week

This is just one of my most recent creations and it is silly but makes me smile so why not come share it with you. So on to the gratitude list.
Today many of my gratitude items will have links just because I want to share the love.
1. I am grateful I have a sense of humor. The forums on Etsy have been full of crybabies carrying on oh poor me I was featured on Regretsy. Not sure if it is my lack of ability for drama. Maybe it is my love of mocking and dark humor but truly I can say after a week of cryabeetus victims showing there backsides that I am ever so grateful for the ability to laugh and for Regretsy. So with out further adieu the link
2. I am very grateful for my wonderful trade group. I got the most wonderful smelling perfume from one of my friends for some of my magnets. I got one called Bikini queen and I love it. So here is a link her shop she also has some lovely jewelry . She is also hilarious which makes her lots of fun to deal with.
3. I am grateful for my husband who took his turn with the extra funds to buy the dog a runner for the kitchen linoleum. She is scared of the sound her paws make on it. Yep he is that kind of a sweetheart. We will need to get a second one and I am going to do that when it is my turn because well she is just not happy with 5ft of carpet. But what a good guy I married.
4. I am grateful for Abba oddly enough. What can I say I forgot they existed and needed some new work out music. Mama Mia makes me laugh.
5. I am grateful for the ability to keep making new things and trying new things. For instance I am very happy with my new card line. I have some of my penis obsession works on cards, regular wacky ones all kinds of fun.
so thanks for reading all my madness and please let me know what you are grateful for this week.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Spirit Of Adventure

This is my newest little painting. It was inspired by a wonderful man I knew. When I was very little 4 or 5 Mr.Clark was my neighbor. Him and Mrs.Clark were just wonderful people. He was one of my fill in Gramps and both of mine were gone by the time I was a toddler.
Mr.Clark was one of those people who had gusto for everything he ever did. He drove a huge station wagon like it was a tank. Would stop traffic in a huge line so he could pull out with style. He cut his grass on his giant riding lawn mower with what I can only describe as aviator goggles and a big red scarf.
He liked our dog that was a laundry thief because it had no use for the boundaries of the yard. They would regularly go and take the walk to the mail box together. Mr.Clark with a cane that had a shiny strip and Max our dog just happy to be with his friend.
Mr.Clark told me I was a pistol and did everything in his power to encourage adventure in my personality to my mothers great dismay. Just recently I remembered what a fun man he was and how he effected me and wanted to share his zest for life.
He is gone now has been for over a decade but to this day when I am doing something just to be absurd I smile and think of Mr. &Mrs. Clark. So today as we get ready to celebrate our few remaining freedoms I want to encourage you with the spirit of Mr.Clark to go have a adventure.
After all your a pistol.
Happy 4th

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday And Some Other Crap

So first out of a duty to the weird I must say "it's peanut butter jelly time". Now with that out of the way let me work out the gratitude stuff. This week has been great I have so much done in fact I am taking a day off to just write pretty much.
1. I am grateful for the fact I seem to be getting on those little things caught up which helps me to relax. Recently I have been having sleep terrors and waking nightmares which are always more frequent when stressed. So less stress means more nights I sleep like a normal person. For those nights I am eternally grateful.

These are my crazy new poop earrings I just make them because they make me laugh. 2. I am grateful for the fact my father seemed to have a ball at the little event we had for him for fathers day. He drives me crazy and call s with weir questions, shares tmi about his bodily happenings but he will not be around forever and I am so glad we have this time together.

What can I say but this is my disco pig. I love her. 3. I am grateful that my sister has had a great vacation after having a very stressful few months before. always makes me happy to see her happy.

Meet the Candy man hat made from a old jello mold I beat the crap out of. 4. I am grateful that I had a really good time going out to the river even with the heat and getting photos which are soon to come. It always feels like home.
5. I am grateful to my kitty for the last 3 days he has broke some thing. While yes I know him breaking some thing does not sound good it was all crap I hate and will no longer have to clean so really a win win.
So what are you grateful for this week?
love cappy

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What I learned This last 2 weeks

Hello all yes I know I was supposed to write on Saturday but well I got so into this constantly being active thing I sorta ran out of time. Any how I have learned several things over the last week and I wanted to share them. First the kitty pillow above is real cute but well it started as just a wall hanging. I have learned I can sew very and I emphasize very simple things. Any thing very difficult and I cannot sew it. This is good to know as it helps me plot future creative endeavours.
I have learned I do like making jewelry more than I thought and I am actually pretty happy with my casual cocktail rings. Which is nice as I love to occasionally realize I do have some skills not just drive. Also it is a great reminder to never stop broadening your horizons.

I have learned no matter what you do to it a kotex with googley eyes is just fucking creepy. I made this as part of a effort a group of friends are doing to get April Winchell on the Chelsea Handler show. They are both very comical to me so I would love to see this. I also learned I should not be allowed to own foam stickers.

I learned that I can really add more dimension to my stores if I so chose. These are my new line of kid napkins and rings. Meant to be fun and encourage manners with kids at the dinner table. After all I would like just once to see my nieces or nephew not grab a sleeve when they finished dining.
I also learned that I am not good at keeping up with this blog right now as I am trying to get so much done. So I am going to keep doing my Wednesday post over the summer but that will pretty much be it.
So in closing I am grateful for
1. my friends
2. my hubby
3. coffee coffee coffee
4. for my little dog who needs butt surgery but is not in bad pain and really old so we may not do it for fear it will kill her as her little heart is a bit weak we will deciede while we save up for it. I am grateful that she loves to snuggle and play.
5. I am grateful my kitty has a healthy little paw and is back to playing in the world.
so what have you learned and what are you grateful for this week.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Challenge Update

So why am I starting off with this giant ring? Because I got photos of it and the pitcher that I needed to help me get them dated and identified.
It is a very very hot summer day here. I am thinking it may be time for some margaritas. OK I will wait till after noon.
So here is how I did with my list this week.
1. I wanted to finish the rewrites on my book. Well I started them but kept putting it off and suddenly it was Friday. so that is a no.
2.I have been working on my secret project for kids and am pretty proud hoping to list some of it in the next few days. so that is a yes.
3. I got about half the aceos I wanted to do done. that is a no.
4. one bathroom cozy down and one to go which I will do today so I am counting that as a yes.
5. Quilt is not finished as I ran out of thread. I have picked up more and will see if I can swing it by midnight. However that is still a no.
6. I did reorganize the fridge but the bills and pantry only partly. so that is a no.
7. art fire is only 50% spiffed so that is a no
8. have done my yoga feeling nice and limber so that is a yes
9. made lots of new clay stuff this week so that is a yes.
10. I did get a little photography time in very happy with the results so that is a yes.
11. yep got photos for flickr so that is a yes .
this means that I am 5 no and 6 yes which is better than half and many of those things are partly done. So I am happy as well I will try even harder next week. I am going to come back and write out my to do list for next week.
So what goals have you met this week?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ugly Necklaces and Gratitude Wednesday

OK so I am going to start with the madness that is that photograph. My friend Brightcircle she is in my trading group and a Etsy friend sent me a link to this little gem she made. She knows I love Regretsy so she thought I would appreciate her efforts to make a truly fugly necklace. And as I do here is a link to her shop so you can see all her stuff even the less disturbing.
Now on to the gratitude list.
1. I am grateful for the fact my kitty has a fast healing little paw.
2. That my dog blames my husband even though I am the one who puts her but medication on her. Not sure why but hey she still runs over to snuggle me.
3. For the fun and cuteness of the half grown raccoon that was first on my porch then on the roof last night. It was just really cute.
4. For my husband who never stops surprising me with his sweetness.
5. For the adventures I have been having as of late I needed to shake things up a bit.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Challenge

Ok Recently I have felt just over whelmed like I could not really get every thing done I wanted. So I have tried every way possible to get a break here or a break there. Every time I have done this I only come back feeling guilty that I took a break because I thought of all the things I should have done. So This is my logic. I am going to take the summer and do every freaking thing I possibly can I am going to work from the moment my little eyes pop open till I go to bed. I want to see what will happen if I put that kind of force into all the things I want to do. It might be a burning out but it may also be a huge clearance of things.
So Each week I am going to have a to do list. I will be doing it from Friday to Friday. So here is the list for this week.
1. finish the book I have nearly finished writing for almost 2 yrs. I need to go back and do rewrites that is all. Just finish it. later I can get it cleaned up and decide if I want to try and market it.
2. Work on a new secret project for my craft shop. It is some thing I made a long time ago for kids and I want to try to do again.
3. get 10 aceos done as I tend to have them sell fairly fast out of my shop
4. Finish the cozies for the bathroom I am 90% done in there and have yet to finish
5. Finish first hanging lap quilt it is coming along cute but I wander off.
6. reorganize the bills, fridge, and the pantry I can find nothing in any of them.
7. finish filling up my artfire shop do a general spiffing up of the place.
8. Yoga or work out for at least 5 days I always feel better when I do it.
9. make some new clay items
10. do some playing with the photography and try to get some new prints going
11. take photos of things I need help identifying age on for flickr
OK that is my list besides all my usual stuff . If I finish it all early I will add to it and if I finish it all on time yay. Either way this is going to be the summer of action for me.
What is your goal?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gratitude Wendsday

Howdy all been a busy but crazy and fun week here.
I have lots to be grateful for.
1. I turned 32 and was taken all over the place and got some great gifts. Always nice to feel so very loved.
2. My Regretsy Cosmic Yak mug showed up I actually smiled before I got done with the coffee when I used it.
3. creativity seems limitless currently at times it seems to shrink to nothing but right now it is in full bloom. God help the poor people that have to see my work.
4. For exercise as we have been overwhelmed with a lot of stress from things breaking, family issues, pets having to see the vet a lot I find it very easy to get down or nervous. Exercise always helps me to keep my head on straight.
5. for the fact my little kitty will be done with his paw surgery and home Friday.
So what are you all grateful for this week?
love cappy

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sets of paintings

I have really been wanting to try so many different things recently not sure why. Today I am working on a silver ware chest, a penis superhero pendant complete with cape, several aceos, some jewelery and a painting. Oh and a set of 6 or 7 fabric hoops. Not sure why but I feel very inspired as of late. How about the rest of you. As for the sets of paintings this seems to be a new thing for me I want to makes pairs, set ect.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday

Gratitude Wednesday is always a day I look forward to. All week I try to write down those little happy bits to share and hope people enjoy and it reminds them of the happy little moments from day to day in their own lives.
So this week I have a variety for ya.
1. For the old crazy gray kitty who won the king of the hill game and claimed my new throw rug I made for my living room. While yes it is a odd choice most things in my home are a little odd.
2. I am grateful that I was came across a chance to help a lady make a gift basket for a auction that is part of a huge cancer benefit that she is doing. The lady is very young a survivor and really just inspirational. She is such a fighter I think she might need to start wearing a viking hat and toting a shield. She really just puts things in perspective. Here is a link in case you want to donate in any way. Also Regretsy is doing a bunch of work to help with the cause and here is a link for them as well. They have several ebay auctions to support this and a deal if you buy a book on amazon. this is her link then here is a link to one of the Regretsy auctions for the same cause just in case any of you want to support it or check it out.
3. I am grateful for air conditioning. We went straight from 60s -80s and well frankly screw that it is humid and icky and I think the sound of the humming AC might make good meditation music.
4. For the fact the car is back in tact as well the dogs butt. Now if we can just finish up with the down and out kitty paw maybe we can have a good summer.
5. For my birthday this weekend. Nothing like cake, drinks and not being dead. I mean yes I will be a year older I will be 32 but what other options are there really. Vampire no I like the daylight and I am claustrophobic. Zombie hmm no why be alive if you cannot enjoy it. So I shall be having some fun this weekend and will try to remember to get pics.
So what are you grateful for this week.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Beating the heat and enjoying the day

This is a very weird little work of mine and not my normal oddness. I like it though. Recently I have been moving in a lot of new work directions which I can only assume has to do with getting older as I will be 32 later this week. I think it may also have to do with trying to do new things and stepping out of my comfort zone.
So this week is going to be all about beating the heat and finding creative ways to do so. I hate just sitting inside on these unbearable humid and hot days. Here are my little tips for beating the heat I would love to see some of yours here as well.
1. I always pick this time to pull out my summer art, fabrics any thing cheerful. I find the more outdoors I can bring in the less I hate being indoors.
2. For the hottest part of the day pull out some of your favorite summer movies. I like the goofy stuff.
3. Iced tea becomes a staple for me. I love to throw in some fresh mint one day maybe some cherries another just keep it interesting.
4. I get very into the garden in the early a.m. and dusk.
so happy Monday yall and how do you beat the heat.