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Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 Signs You May Be A Craft Addict

OK so the cats really have nothing to do with it this is just a reminder as to why I only work in the art cave.
So here is the 10 signs of craft addiction.
1. You check your shop for sales before coffee.
2. You name your children Michael and Joann.
3. You have a personal relationship with your mail person.
4. Where others see used wrapping paper you see the back ground of your next collage.
5. When you leave the house you personally know the makers of more than 2 of the items you are wearing.
6. Some thing is broken and you immediately see the silver lining that you now have great pieces for your next assemblage project.
7. More than one of your articles of clothing has died to paint, glaze, hot glue or glitter.
8. You mark trade events on your calendar like national holidays.
9. You see some thing is stuck to your shoe and nope not toilet paper you have some beads on there.
10. You have acquired so much craft supply it only seemed logical to open your own supply shop.
hehe I hope you all got a good laugh at this.