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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Around The World 1926 Page One

Ok So to start with I am so excited and involved just reading the first page I had to slow myself down and come show you all. I copied my favorite excerpt from the first page.
Apparently Ms.Sadie Feika was on her 4Th trip to the far east and calls herself a old salt at being on a rough sea.
I have always dreamed of traveling the world. Now I am just put off flying by the invasions of privacy that go on. She sounds so adventurous. I have peaked and in a day or so we should get a image of this lady. For today all I can tell you though is she smoked, and that they were heading for Oran on the African coast first. They had stopped when leaving Brooklyn, New York in Newport News, Virginia to pick up 2000lbs of coal to keep the ship going on it's merry way. I hope this intrigues you and you love the little excerpt. I promise in a day or so to return with more. For me my mind starts spinning with thoughts of big exciting trips like this. I also love that at a time when had the right to vote less than 10 years this brave soul had already been out there shaking up the world. Now to try and find out more about her. So far I yield not hing on her. I do have a name at the top of the page of a woman who must of had the book at some time but all I can get on her is a SS number and that she lived in Chicago which is where the import company that made this zine is located. If any of you sleuths out there start turning up any thing let me know. I am happy to give you credit here on the blog for any info you have on either lady.

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  1. If I were going to try to find out about Sadie, I'd check first. The Social Security dbase may give you her SSN and her birthdate. Once you have her birthdate, I'd check various online genealogy forums (start with ancestry). Census forms can be a big help. I'd check local Chicago papers for her name and you can get copies of birth and death certs online if you know her name and DOB. You might have to pay for some of this stuff. I haven't done it in a little while so I can't remember the URLs but if I find them I'll convo you on Etsy. Good luck!