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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Around The world in 1926 page two contiuned

Well blogger seems to love me again so here ya go.
Ok I have put up all about the big moment when sea sickness left the crew. I also then put up parts all about how each person was unique she met. This really struck me today.
In the modern world with blogs, myspace, facebook, twitter, cell phones, emails etc we all seem so connected. I have friends I talk to regularly all across the globe. Usually I think of this as some thing only gifted to us because of technology. Clearly that is crap and untrue as in 1926 this woman was talking to people going all over and living different lives across the globe.
Actually I think they did it better. For instance when the waves crashed water into the rooms fears of will this be our last day sat in the back of peoples minds they had more than a email to pass along about the friends they got threw the night with. They could tell of the minuscule details of biding time sharing tea to calm the nerves, small moments really but they change how we see each other.
Ok so maybe I have rambled wildly. However just think about it. Which do you remember more. A person who sat with you when your nerves were shot and you felt small and scared or a email. In any case it makes me think of how I just want to keep expanding my adventures to include more people from different corners of the world than mine.
ok just my nutty thoughts for the day
have a good one yall.

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