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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby it's cold outside and in the art cave

So you may wonder why I have such a random looking collection of photos. Well I just wanted to share a little of our frosty world with you. The top photo is of the windows of back porch that has the door leading down into my art studio also known and more appropriately know as the art cave.
That lovely sheen on the window is ice. No not just ice on the outside but on the inside as well. We are in a deep freeze.
When I stopped to take a photo of my icy windows I hear the birds complaining that it is cold outside. One came popping up and flying around the nest in the photo. I thought it was cute so I got a photo of the nest.
Last after focusing on home, nest, cold and bad weather you guessed it I created this little ornament. I hope it makes you smile. I am debating keeping it for next Christmas or just putting it up as a cute little decoration.
Well I hope you enjoyed this tiny glimpse in my world. What is new and shaking with yours.

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  1. Hoping it warms up for you soon! I'm in the 1/6th of the nation that is moderate. We had our freeze mid-Dec. Can't say I was too sad to see it go! Darling Ornament :)