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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Conspiracy Theories, Trading and a new weird giveaway.

Howdy all it is Sunday morning and I am drinking my last cup of coffee fighting kitties off the keyboard. I spent most of this weekend trading and packaging. I also had a couple of lovely sales in different shops and packed up my valentines day swap. No doubt the husband will be thrilled when I say we need to "stop by" the post office Monday morning hehe. So now on to my new weird giveaway. Actually my husband hatched this plan.

He suggested I do a give away aimed at my already customers and trade partners. Here is the deal. You send me a photo of you with my item. I will post them as I get them up on my blog for fun. If you include a little about why or who you got it for I will add that as well. Then every couple months I will do a drawing and you will win some thing. We will vote on what a few days before the drawing. You can be a old customer or trade partner or a brand new one. My email is if you don't want to send it to a etsy shop. Just put in your title photo for giveaway.

Now on to the conspiracy theory. Ok I think the Dem's purposely let the senate seat in Massachusetts get taken by a republican so they have a reason not to pass their crummy nothing like what Obama promised health reform. Also this way they can pass on the buck of well we tried.
My second theory is one of many people that all the same people own both sides really and set this up giant shining ball of excrement to get people back in line with the republicans and help push the absurdity that was Bush out of peoples minds. Ok can any one say paranoid.

Oh as for the weird art work above. I took one of my paintings and doctored it into that. Thinking of making it a fabric/ What do you all think.

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