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Friday, January 1, 2010

Exhausted But Happy

So This is what I feel like. This would be one of my big fluffy old dogs being snuggled by one of my big fluffy fat cats. I feel like settling down for a long winters nap.
That will not be happening today though. I look at the first of the year as a way to set the tone for the coming year. For me the goal of this year will be to organize myself better so that I can then have more work and relaxation time.
So each week I am making a list of things that need to be focused on to improve that week. Seeing as how new years fell of Friday I guess Friday to Friday it is.
This week my goals are to reorganize the kitchen from top to bottom. Now that the holidays are over a lot of our party gear and baking supplies can be shifted back to the less used shelves. Part of my goal this year is to actually can some of the things I grow in the spring and I want to be ready.
My second goal for this week is to god help me get my facebook fan page going as part of better promoting my shop. I thought I would give it a whirl. There may be drinking involved when I sit down to really do battle with it.
My third big goal is to get all my beloved Christmas decorations up and away. I love clean simple lines and want to get my house more into a calm state. Also if they don't linger for to long I really look forward to them each year.
I got myself a new sound track of music made up to do some yoga to. I am really hoping a few days of good stretching will get my spirits following in line and help with some creative energy.
Well I am off to start tearing apart my cabinets. hmm should I do pictures? Well have a great day and new year all.

ps. As I do each day for a good laugh I went to regretsy to discover they had a new years float I was thrilled to see my belly button witch had made it onto the festive float of freakish. Here is a link if any one would like to see


  1. I think you are setting up your goals perfectly! A week at a time instead of.. "In 6 months I want to..."

    My goal is so setup a list of goals ;P

    BTW if you get your fan page running I might try. lol I've been putting it off because I already took the 2 hours to upload all my pictures.. but I uploaded them to my personal account. As far as I know I can just transfer them over. Also the only place I promote my off etsy sites is in my shop announcement. I'm not sure anyone would follow me on fb!

  2. Love your pictures of your animals. and gee your goals are ambitious!! I'll work on taking down decorations in the next week.
    Happy New Year!

  3. I am your biggest fan. Keep creating strange and wonderful things in 2010!

  4. awe thank you all so much very kind folks :) good luck with your goals to.