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Friday, January 8, 2010

Frosty Bit Of Bitching

Well I could add a photo to this to help out weigh the crank but what the hell it is Friday. So the dreams have me running on less sleep so maybe that is why. Maybe because I read to much regretsy and started thinking my own ass is funny. Maybe it is because it is freezing cold and I am tired of being indoors.
Oh wait I did have that big adventure out into the yard to carry in a 50lb dog who got snow impacted into her paws and was hobbling. Yep that was lots of fun.
So any how on to my point. Got my mail today. Inside was a big spiffy catalog from a major clothing chain. OK they want to sell me summer stuff. Sounds good I would love to think of any thing but the below zero wind chills.
I look at the cover and apparently they have piled so many hats on this poor girls head she is about to fall over. I think hmm OK well lets see. I look inside the catalog. My first thought is if your trying to sell me a 31 yr old woman clothing why are 16 year old girls modeling them. My second thought was lord I hope they are 16 or I really am getting fucking old.
The next thing to strike me was that they all weigh 90lbs or so and are near 6ft tall. If you put my on stilts and I am dead for about 3 yrs I might meet those requirements. So really they think after eating holiday crap, being bundled up in every sweater I can find I want to see some stick teens modeling clothing for me to wear.
Then the clothing it's self comes into question. Really is any one paying almost $100.00 for a tote with the word juicy on it. If I am it damn well better have a button that I can hit where it sings "Juicy fruit is gonna move ya" if not to hell with it.
As I dug further on discovering apparently clothes that I used to wear around when painting are now a trend I was even more disturbed. If you look yes really look maybe one out of 10 girls is really smiling. Why are they all either pouting or have there mouths partially open. Half look cranky the other half look like you caught them in mid orgasm. OK I think my little rant is done.
I will return to my shiny happy self tomorrow.
PS. I did keep a lovely perfume sample that came with it.

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