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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and a pissy kitty

Hello all I wanted to start with my cats big mug because well he was outraged that I am switching out the pillows on the old black chest and his face cracked me up. I thought you might like it to.
So on to the gratitude list this week as I have lots to be grateful for.
1. For me the high light of the week was that I made Etsys front page. I have been trying since about a month on etsy. So I have to say I was doing the happy dance. Now I have been featured in the 3 places I really wanted to be featured for my art. All for different reasons but it makes me happy. Now if I can get those craftgawking bastards to gawk at some thing of mine I will have the superfecta of features.
2. I am grateful that my father got a treadmill as he needs to stay healthy and that makes me worry less.
3. For orajel I did some thing horrible grinding my teeth when I sleep and woke up screaming the other night. If the hubby had not said hey orajel I would of started ripping phone books in half or some thing.
4. That my fat little dog with a limp is not limping today. That mean we can play a little more which always makes her happy.
5. That my husband is so sweet he is over at my fathers before work fixing his car. He is such a sweet heart.
6. I am very grateful my sister did not come over the night before last was planned as she got the stomach flu later that night. Dodged a bullet there.
So what good things have happened in your life?

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  1. I am grateful for a sunny day here in Oregon. It's been very gray and dark of late. :) Happy Wednesday to you Cappy!