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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday

Howdy all this has been a really nice week. So I am gonna hop right into my gratitude list.
1. I entered a contest of regretsy to make a fabric I did not win but had a lot of fun. You were allowed to use parts of certain very well known regretsy artist images and I did so. The part I used what the gentleman on the left with the words "Say What!". The artist who made that was very kind to let us use it so here is a link to his shop. Just so you can see his other great stuff.
well when I made the fabric I went a head and ordered the sample and now the place that made it will sell it for me. just look for Cappysue or
Regretsy if you want to find it. I had a real ball doing this and am thinking of turning other works into fabric. So I am grateful to have a whole new creative out let opened up to me.
2. I am ever so grateful that some how our mortgage company has not found a way to screw us this year and actually had to lower our bill. Yes it was lowered a very small amount but it is nice just not to have it go up.
3. I am grateful that when the kitty broke the coffee pot because he got distracted by birdies it was just the coffee pot that broke and no cuts on the kitty.
4. I am grateful that all my efforts to take better care of myself this new year seem to be paying off. I have been getting more rest, eating great food, meditation and yoga, and even shed a few pounds out of it. Always a nice thing.
5. I am grateful that my husband made me laugh last night so hard I shot water I was drinking at the moment straight out of my nose. I cannot imagine being in any other kind of life.
So what are you all grateful for this week. What good things have happened?

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