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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Results from the day on new things

Why you may ask do I have a rearranged bunch of Easter and valentines and St.Patrick's day stuff all mushed into 2 shelves.
2 big reasons for one the small stuff the cats like to grab and knock off of things. We had several unsolved murders in the Christmas village this year. One poor child dragging a Christmas tree was drowned in a water dish.
The second reason why the unbreakable stuffed animals are in there is that my oldest cat likes to romance any thing that has fur and will not move. Hence all stuffed animals are in danger. It was bad enough to see him under the Christmas tree with his Alf doll. I will not have the Easter bunny defiled.
So the other day I tried to do every thing a little different. What I found was this. My work varies more when I force myself into moving along. I liked that.
My taste buds have not changed when it comes to many foods in the last 31 yrs. Best of all was that if I just keep plucking along even in a uncomfortable environment I enjoy myself soon enough. So did any of you try any thing new?

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