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Friday, January 15, 2010

Try Some Thing New Todays theme.

Well it is one of those days meant for a crazy babbling. Last night I had a dream all about trying new things. In the dream which is recurring the only way I got out of the same dream was to try to create different results. So today I am going with that theme. All day I am going to try and do every thing just a little different than my norm and see where that goes.
So today I am going to drag out the spring decorations that I never normally get out because I start slacking after Christmas.
I am going to try making some weird new clay items.
I am going to go buy a new coffee pot as the cat decided it was time to upgrade and knocked mine over busting the glass on the ground.
Just a few of the things I am gonna do to shake it up a little. What are you gonna try today.

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