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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And This Little Piggy

Well good afternoon yall. Me and the hubs had a romantic Monday and had a ball but I wanted to get back into the real world.
So why am I showing you a bunch of piggy pendants I made. They are loosely made off the logo for a Lady's shop. This is why. First I think they look like they are dancing which cracks me up and then the more important reason.
The lady I made them for has a awesome message. Her shop is www.piggytailsboutique. Her shop is all about being able to be as girly as you like but still being able to be a many faceted girl. She is currently hosting a pageant for little girls with categories like craziest hair, and out fit. I love any one telling little girls they can be what ever they like. So I wanted to share her with ya.
Check her out if you have a little one she has the cutest tutus and bows.


  1. Awww Thanks Cappy! I love encouraging girls to be themselves. I wish someone had taught me that when I was young. Let girls be girls and if it's tutus and cowboy boots or skateboards and hairbows they are all precious works of art :) Thanks so much for sharing me with your readers, Mell :p

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  3. Piggy is awesome and so is her shop. Her bows and tutus are wonderful and their is something for every type personality.

    Great job on the pendants and the feature!

    I messed up and deleted the first comment:)

  4. what a cute store! those little piggies are adorable, nice feature!