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Monday, February 1, 2010

Fruit and a romantic challenge

Hello all I am done with my coffee this morning I have been busy all morning working on absurdness for your reading pleasure.
Well the fruit are a couple of my newest items for the clay shop I thought why not share. I was very happy at first with them but now I am thinking my banana looks more like a squash.
Any how on to the romantic challenge.
Every year about this time I see the swooning and Lacey red hearts and candies etc. I think they are pretty but for me romance is a little different. Don't hand me shiny baubles bring me a sparkly new bag of art supplies or maybe a tool I can use to doctor on our house.
Well after sharing this opinion with my girlfriends they told me I just do not get romance. May hap that they are right and I don't as I usually avoid romantic movies unless they are old and slightly odd. So in a effort to understand the romance I am doing a little challenge to myself. Every day from now till valentines I will watch one romantic movie then report back to you what I think of it. I would love suggestions as to your favorite romantic movies as well. Feel free to tell me if you have seen one I list and what you thought of it.
So this morning I got up with my coffee and put on a movie. The first one I picked was a movie called Then She Found Me by Helen Hunt. I did find it kept me interested but I was confused. I did not get the big pull of Matthew Brodericks Character. The whole idea of a pull as to who you should be with for me at least would have to involve two people I was not repelled by. His character was pretty repulsive as they go. So did I miss the point folks? Would love to know if you have seen this and what ya thought.

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