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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday And Another Movie

So this is a painting I finished yesterday of this place I keep dreaming about. It seems like the whole place is alive and moving slightly every time I dream of it. So why not paint it out so it can disturb some new people.
Any how on to my gratitude list.
1. I am very grateful for sleep as it is in short supply with these crazy dreams. So I am going to gift myself a great big nap today.
2. Very grateful for the very fun custom work I just got asked to do. I will ask if they mind if I show pics and maybe I can show you that tomorrow.
3. Grateful for my hubby because he broke into a valentines gift that was not for him which I thought was entirely to comical.
4. Grateful for all the new music I have gotten lately. I love nothing more than a good song when painting.
5. Grateful for my very kind friends who have taken notice of my blog recently and let me know they like it. I am so glad they find some entertainment here.
6. I am grateful for the fact that when my dog fell down 3 steps last night coming in from our last run out she hopped right up with a big puppy smile and no limp. This is especially great because she is 11yrs old.
Well have a good day all and let me know what your grateful for. Thanks so much for reading :)
PS. Oh crap sorry I watched Love Actually last night and OK it was pretty good. So yay I have found a few romantic movies I like. OK true I find the relationship and the humor the dad and son the most entertaining but yes the rest was good to.


  1. Its a beautiful painting.
    And im greatful to now you:-)

  2. Beautiful painting! Lovely Wednesday post as always! (and Love Actually is a now a Holiday movie staple in our home...I do love good British humor!)