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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inspirational Quotes And Some Party Animals

So it is very early here. I went to bed really early as well so I hopped up with the urge to make humor. Yesterday I was so pleased as I was featured on Regretsy or to be more precise my penis painting was featured. Not only do I get great exposure hehe but truly those comments made me laugh so hard my sides are now sore.
Now what is with the quotes right. Well this is my new thing every Tuesday is going to be inspirational little quotes from the people I come in contact with. Things I find brighten up the day.
1. Some on commenting on a set of photos in my art shop yesterday "I know. It's like a doll crack house (Just scatter some needles on the floor)" this was said by a person named Wilma Fingerdoo and I just loved it because it is comical in general and dear God it is true.
2. My husband commenting on the painting above "I don't like that cats crack looking at me!" what can I say I giggled for a half hour.
well I hope this has made yall laugh
See ya for gratitude Wednesday :)

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