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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Made A Very Special Purse and two more movies

Ok so I am going to start with the movies watched Moonstruck which I love. Maybe it is just the language or the wine or that big pretty moon but I must admit I was transfixed.
I also watched the Notebook or most of the notebook may have nodded off ever so slightly there at the end. I am going to let that tell you my opinions on the movies.
Now as for this crazy bag you see. Well I wanted to add to my crazy purse collection and put some thing spring like up. So I used my swatch of fabric from when I had my Regretsy fabric contest entry made up. I am loving this. Now my only question is do I sell it or do I bop around town with it. Knowing me I will spill some thing on it or accidental get some thing glue to it so it is really up in the air. Any how I thought it would give yall a good laugh.
Oh I want to point out that the gentleman yelling Say What was part of another artist creation and he allowed us to use it for the contest. Here is a link to his shop if you would like to check it out and see all his awesome work is
Well off to catch up yesterday we were iced in and today I have listing and creating to do.
Have a great weekend all


  1. Sorry it took me so long to make it around to your blog. I am a bit slow at times. I had no idea you have so many shops going I bet you are so busy keeping up with it all.
    BTW love the bag. I'm a huge Regetsy fan.

  2. I am not giving up on you yet! I love the Notebook it is absolutely next time drink some coffee first. How about "Ever After"? it is good too....drink coffe before you watch it so you stay awake! lol