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Friday, February 26, 2010

So whats in store for the weekend??

First I wanted to share a painting from yet another crazy dream. I dreamed that all these angels were just balling their eyes out and literally flooding with tears. Not sure why but hoping not to dream that again it was sad.
So on to more cheerful things. What are you all going to do for yourself this weekend. Us we have big plans. The car is acting cranky so hubby is hoping to fix it. While he is doing that I shall be making little clay penis charms for my shop. How about you?
I guess sure I could worry about the car but I figure what will that do besides make me miserable when I am not even sure how concerned to be. So I am instead going to be proactive on keeping busy and not lamenting a habit to which I am prone when some thing is out of my control.
In closing see yall on monday and hope you do some thing positive to.

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