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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time For Another Crazy Really Early Rambling

So it is yet another one of those unimaginable early days for me. I dreamed constantly last night. Mainly I was in some kind of death match with monster or aliens what ever you want to call them. Eventually we were trying to get away from them in a tunnel some thing a kin to a sewer drain. By the end of it I got stabbed in the chest. So let me dispel that myth if you die in your dreams you will not die in real life. Rest assured I have had it happen in my dreams many times.
Well on to more pleasant subjects it is snowing a little and blowing snow lots outside. The temperature is zero degrees. Thankfully hubby got to work OK and I am nestled in with hot coffee and a big blanket.
I have yet to watch my romantic movie of the day. What can I say it is not even 7a.m. here yet. I am a little excited I have some projects planned for my arts and crafts.
Off I go to ramble around in the living room with a sketchbook. Have a great day.
PS. I just painted this the other day I keep dreaming of her and thought I would share.

1 comment:

  1. You are a wonderful artist :)

    I'm upset I dont have any projects for the storm! My studio is still a mess and I dont have my new desk yet so I dont have anywhere to sew :(