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Thursday, February 4, 2010

When Good Toilets Go Bad

Ok So I like that old song Big Bad John why because every time I hear it I picture this guy dancing and bopping around with a cigarette in his mouth and water sloshing out of him. I cannot help it there is just some thing wrong with me. So I thought I would share it with you.
So now onto my 4Th Romance movie. Ok maybe it is my love of old movies or maybe it is the music. But yes I felt the romance watching Casablanca. Matter of fact I keep listening to the songs all day. I think it is some thing to do with people seeing more then just how their little worlds are effected.
Well tomorrow or tonight we are going to have a winter storm so I am off to check out how much salt we have and if I need to make a store run. I am hoping to show you some pictures of my newest craft table set up soon. I may start sharing images to get ideas from yall. Have a good one all.

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