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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where Our Work Ends Up

This is a picture of a bracelet a lovely lady named Amy made for her daughter from charms that I made in my clay shop. I really love seeing things like this and knowing where my work ends up. I met this lady in our trade team the tradeaholics on etsy. We live hundreds of miles apart and can become friends and enjoy each others handmade treasures all via etsy and the Internet. That is a really cool thought and makes me smile so I wanted to show and share with you all. So beyond that I also want to introduce you to Amy's shop because I also got some of her stuff and her jewelry is awesome.
So I will do a new post all about here shop just above this. Oh sadly I fell off the Valentines day movie wagon and went to sleep before I got one in yesterday.
Have a great day all.

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  1. That bracelet is really cute! it sure is fun to know what happenes to your items after your sell them :)