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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why I Love Trading

OK So a while back I told you all how I joined a trade group. It has been awesome gotten lots of special things for myself and for my family. It has also allowed me to make some great friends and find stores I may never have found.
Now here is the story. A while back a lady I had done a trade with for some supplies had some lovely fabric that I wanted to use to make stuff. She agreed to trade with me so I made her the little set of figurines you see at the top. The previous trade we did I got awesome supplies and she got the little woodland fairy home.
So This time I got wonderful fabrics and have started creating then I realized I was being selfish. While I got the joy of seeing her enjoy my items I had yet to share her with you.
So with out further adieu here is one of the sweetest ladies ever. The images above are from Karols Different shops. She loves such a variety of creation she is like me and has several shops. So as you can see she makes embellishments, wonderful stuff for children and quilts that are so wonderful I am wondering how big of a clay item I could make for her to trade me lol. She also has tons of other stuff. So if you want to get a really great item from a really kind lady I suggest you check her out.
see yall later

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  1. oh! Cappy! I love you too. you are such a sweetheart.

    thank you so much for the feature.