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Monday, March 1, 2010

Beautiful Monday and Goals For the Week

So it is monday morning I have finished the coffee and I am going to start with my list of goals for the week.
This week the big goals are get my shipping supplies ordered from usps as I have run myself out.
list the ton of things I have just sitting there.
Create the painting I have in my mind for my latest naughty series.
Yoga and meditation at least 4 times.
No on to the weekend. I went it very worried turned out hubby fixed the car with out a horrible bill. Yes a bill but nothing earth shattering. I got some really cool pics like the one above of birds migrating back north. You have to love the heralds of spring.
My art work is coming along awesomely. I have a large jewelery chest I was upcyling almost done. I am so happy with how things are coming along. So that was my weekend oh and add some rum and really bad hulu.
Take Care All

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